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Band: Spreading The Disease

Title: Viral

Label: Independent Release


Emerging from Kent, Spreading the Disease are a contemporary metal band that tap into the spirit of old school grooves with a thrash twist.

Their debut EP ‘Viral’ is a bold statement of aggression that will certainly tick all the boxes for fans of modern metal. The opening number 'F.U.C.K.U' sets the tone with groove-orientated riffs that are potently influenced by Pantera and Machine Head.  Following a similar template 'Lost Generation' is as groove laden as the opener with an abundance of meaty riffs that chug along nicely from beginning to end.  Breaching the seven-minute mark 'Bulldozer' somewhat differs from the previous tracks by utilizing clean vocals, a grander dose of melody with a thrashier edge. The finale of 'Evolution' embarks on one last barrage of hard-hitting riffs with some tidy melodic sections.

Personally, ‘Viral’ does very little to excite me as (a) I am not a fan of groove metal and (b) I have heard the same style riffs churned out over and over again by countless bands.  With that being said, I recognize that there is an audience there that will really dig this EP. Fans of Pantera’ esque groove metal will surely find something positive in this release. 

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  F.U.C.K.U
2.  Lost Generation
3.  Bulldozer
4.  Evolution  


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