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Band: The Treatment

Title: Generation Me

Label: Frontiers Records


Could this album be the making of The Treatment? With two new members on board, vocalist Mitchel Emms and guitarist Tao Grey, the band (Tagore Grey - Guitar, Dhani Mansworth - Drums, Rick 'Swoggle' Newman - bass) are now on this, their 3rd album, and it shows a more gutsier, mature sound than before.  Straight out of the traps, the AC/DC riffaged 'Let It Begin' will get the fists a-pumping in the air, a sure-fire way to grab the attention with such a powerful opening track, followed up by what sounds like a 90's new wave rock intro to 'The Devil',  only to glide into Angus territory again on the riff, though it still holds onto that 90's vibe in parts.  


'Tell Us The Truth' explodes into life like a classic NWOBHM monster, the powerhouse drumming and six-strings at break neck tempo (early Maiden anyone?), with Emms keeping up with the pace with ease, then it's back to that reminiscent dirty blues rockin' sound on 'Generation Me', the 'Oomph a meter' pushed to it's limit and beyond for good measure!

Haad yer horses, things need to chillax a bit here, so up pops the power ballad 'Backseat Heartbeat' to ease the foot off the throttle just a wee bit, melodic in it's approach, but still with the soaring solos to keep it's head above the rockier edge of balladeer, though there's no mistaking 'Ballsy' when 'Cry Tough' kicks in with it's gritty riffs once more, so don't worry, it ain't on the lines of the power / pop song of the same name by Poison!  

Watch out for your ears when 'We Are Beautiful'  begins, as it is quite a quiet intro for a few seconds, then a sudden assault on the eardrums occurs with an explosive burst on the guitar leads in this growler of a track, showing that this band definitely mean business with this album, which in the long run demands that you take notice or else!  There's an off-kilter feel to 'I Know She Knows' that doesn't quite hit the spot (for me), and I think this song will be the weak spot when played live on their future tour, it just doesn't gel with the other tracks as much, but all is bought back on track with the attitude-filled 80's styled rocker 'Bloodsucker', where I can imagine EVERYONE will be joining in with the shouted chorus with as much gusto as a Toon fan would have when the team eventually wins a game!!!

There are hints of Thunder ambling away on through the moody, melodic 'Better Think Again', the jabbing riff at the heart of the track that gives the said 'moody' expression off in large quantities from start to finish, and another possible 'Hmmm' moment from the audience when played live, as it's not as lively as previous tracks it has followed, yet, once again, up pops a song that gets you back in the groove for a good time, because 'Light The Sun' is up and off like a toddler that's just found it's feet, it's boundless energy very similar to that of the debut album from American Hi-Fi, oozing a rocking feel-good factor that is so infectious it's ridiculous, and a really great way to close a very fine album.

It's great to see the younger rock bands like The Treatment coming through (don't forget Biters or Inglorious!) and keeping Rock Music alive and kicking as the 'old dogs of war' are slowly coming to their natural ending, so on my first listening to 'Generation Me', I think it's safe to say that we ain't got owt to worry about when it comes to our beloved music, it's in very good hands!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1. Let It Begin 
2. The Devil 
3. Tell Us The Truth 
4. Generation Me 
5. Backseat Heartbeat 
6. Cry Tough 
7. We Are Beautiful
8. I Know She Knows 
9. Bloodsucker 
10.  Better Think Again 
11. Light The Sun


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