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Band: The Theander Expression

Title: Wonderful Anticipation

Label: AOR Heaven

'Wonderful Anticipation' is the much anticipated second release from Andrée Theander’s Theander Expression and follows the Swedish guitar players critically acclaimed 2013 debut 'Strange Nostalgia’.

Theander brings forth the quality melodic rock we’ve become accustomed to from the Scandinavian quarter over recent years and 'Wonderful Anticipation' is such an apt title, because from the opener ‘Anticipation Anthem’, that’s what the listener is doing in spades, just waiting in anticipation for the next track, as this instrumental leads the way for the rest of the album to follow.

As the album unfolds the AOR infused Melodic Rock just oozes out from every pore of the album, kicking off with ‘You Always Ran Away’, an up-tempo rocker that really shows of Theander’s vocals to the max.  A real showcase track that sets the bar for the rest of the album to follow.

And follow it does with the title track ‘Wonderful Anticipation’.  A track heading down the AOR road this time, with a soaring guitar and keyboards that we’ve become associated with the genre, but as with all the modern Scandinavian AOR, this sounds so fresh and very much in the now.

The tempo is picked up again with the excellent ‘Ms Trendy’, another track heading down the edgier Melodic Rock path and that same vibe is continued with the rocking ‘Factoids and Fallacies’, before Theander mixes a touch of the blues and melody filled rock for ‘Into The Valley’.

It's back to the Melodic Rock side of the album with the excellent ‘Never Surrender’, which has that Danger Danger musical vibe about it, then it's back across to the AOR for the stunning ‘The Loner’ and the equally impressive ‘Someday (I’ll Be There To Meet You)'.  Then it's back on the gas with the riff fuelled ‘On My Own’, before this superb album closes with the wonderful semi-acoustic ballad ‘State of Flow’.  An excellent way to wrap up another superb album from the Swede.  If you thought the debut was good then you’re going to be blown away by 'Wonderful Anticipation’. 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Anticipation Anthem
2.  You Always Ran Away
3.  Wonderful Anticipation
4.  Ms. Trendy
5.  Factoids & Fallacies
6.  Into The Valley
7.  Never Surrender
8.  The Loner
9.  Someday (I'll Be There To Meet You)
10. On My Own 
11. State Of Flow


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