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Band: Tyketto

Title: Reach

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

After a five-year studio hiatus Danny Vaughn and his band return with their new album ‘Reach’, on this new opus Vaughn is joined by band founder Michael Clayton Arbeeny and new members Chris Green on guitars, Ged Ryland on keyboards and completing the line-up, Chris Childs on bass.

With this new album the band have decided to expand their music boundaries and produce what I feel is the band strongest album since their debut ‘Don’t Come Easy’.  Yes the band have kept to their trademark melodies and choruses, but they have also brought the band slap bang into the now.

The album opens up with title track 'Reach', this is Tyketto on 2016, big guitars with monster hooks, a powerful rhythm section and of course those unmistakable Vaughn vocals, before what I perceive is the new sound of Tyketto a hard hitting rocker ‘Big Money’.  A massive anthemic rocker that really packs a punch, with Green really ripping up a storm on this one, while the powerful rhythm section of Childs and Clayton just lay down one of the solidest foundations I’ve heard from Tyketto, along with Ryland who brings in those massive keyboards that we’ve come accustomed to from his Ten days and his Rage of Angels.

The album continues to impress with another great rocker ‘Kick Like A Mule’.  This one really does kicks some serious ass (pun intended), before the tempo is brought down with more gentle vibes of ‘Circle The Wagons’.  A slice of melody rich rock that just oozes class.

The tempo is picked up once more with the stomping ‘I Need To Know’, again with plenty of big riffing from Green which really drives this one forward.  Joined by a funk ridden bass line from Childs which is equal to the chunky guitars.  Definitely one of real powerhouse tracks of the album.

But where Green really excels is on the superb ‘Tearing Down The Sky’, before it's back to the more gentler side of Tyketto with ‘Letting Go’.  This one takes me back to the 'Don’t Come Easy' years, with Vaughn at his smooth best.  He still has one of the most recognisable voices in the genre and has never sounded as good as he does on this album.

The tempo is once more picked up with another big time rocker ‘The Fastest Man on Earth’, another of my favourite tracks off this superb album, as is the haunting edgy blues of ‘Remember My Name’, which is hard rocking cowboys style, gun slinger rock n' roll.

The big rockers come thick and fast on this album and they continue to impress as things go from hard to harder with the excellent ‘Sparks Will Fly’.

‘Scream’ opens up with a majestic piano keyboard courtesy of Ryland as it builds into a great old school power-ballad, before the album closes with ‘The Run’, which this for me is the progression of Tyketto over the past few years, starting off with an acoustic guitar, but this gently falls away and as Green lets rip on the full electric.  For me this is Tyketto then and Tyketto now in perfect harmony.

I know there has already been some negativity on some of the forums and notice boards regarding this album, I don’t know what they are listening to, maybe it's one of those leaked versions of the album, but for me this is Tyketto’s best album in years.  Yes this genre doesn't like change, but if bands don’t expand they become stagnant and the energy is lost.  I can't wait to hear this 2016 version live because this album just rocks big style.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Reach  
2. Big Money 
3. Kick Like A Mule 
4. Circle The Wagons 
5. I Need It Now 
6. Tearing Down The Sky 
7. Letting Go 
8. The Fastest Man Alive
9. Remember My Name 
10. Sparks Will Fly 
11. Scream
12. Run


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