Album Reviews
Band: Amon Amarth

Title: Jomsviking

Label: Metal Blade 

10 albums into a distinguished career, you would think Amon Amarth would be running out of ways to write around Viking and Norse sagas with their distinctive brand of melodic death metal.  WRONG!! ‘Jomsviking’ packs more clout than an axe to the skull and is undoubtedly Amon’s finest work since ‘Twilight of the Thunder God’.  

For starters, it is packed with rousing metal anthems with every track downright kicking arse. The Swede metallers have not deviated from their trademark sound but have evolved it adding a mightier dose of melody with a brilliant storytelling concept.  Album opener ‘First Kill’ sets the tone with meaty riffs, catchy melodies and anthemic choruses.  All the remaining tracks follow this blueprint and are all just as memorable as the last. Standout songs such as ‘One Against All’ and my favorite ‘The Way of Vikings’ had my head banging at full speed.  Concluding as strong as it started with the slick ‘Back on Northern Shores’ wrapped up this titanic adventure nicely. 

‘Jomsviking is classic Amon Amarth and is a must buy for 2016.  This behemoth of an album is certainly going to be in my top 10 at the end of the year!

Review by: Rob Herald



1. First Kill 
2. Wanderer 
3. On A Sea Of Blood 
4. One Against All 
5. Raise Your Horns 
6. The Way Of Vikings 
7. At Dawn's First Light  
8. One Thousand Burning Arrows
9. Vengeance Is My Name  
10. A Dream That Cannot Be


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