Album Reviews
Band: Anthrax

Title: For All Kings

Label: Nuclear Blast

For hardcore fans of thrash metal the past 6 months have been feverish with releases from both Slayer and Megadeth.  Now after a 5-year gap between records Anthrax take to the stage with ‘For All Kings’. Picking up immediately where 2011’s ‘Worship Music’ left off, this latest offering pulls no punches delivering a grandiose slab of metal.

The opening track ‘You Gotta Believe’ is straight up thrash with ‘Evil Twin’ and ‘Defend/Avenge’ evoking the bands early roots.  What I particularly like about this album is that several of the tracks sound borderline hard rock with a thrash twist.  Playing on these boundaries drives many of the songs along such as ‘Monster at the End’ and the sublime ‘Blood Eagle Wings’.  Not only that, but there are so many infectious melody lines as highlighted on the title track and ‘Suzerain’ with Joey Belladonna giving a stellar vocal performance.  The overall musicianship is as tight as you would expect with new member Jonathan Donias delivering some seriously scorching leads and licks. 

Overall ‘For All Kings’ is a brilliant and cohesive record that stands tall amongst Anthrax’s back catalogue. A certain buy for 2016.

Review by: Rob Herald



1. You Gotta Believe 
2. Monster At The End 
3. For All Kings 
4. Breathing Lightning 
5. Suzerain 
6. Evil Twin 
7 .Blood Eagle Wings 
8. Defend / Avenge 
9. All Of Them Thieves 
10. This Battle Chose Us 
11. Zero Tolerance 


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