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Band: Blaze Bayley

Title: Infinite Entanglement

Label: Blaze Bayley Recordings


'Infinite Entanglement' is the 8th studio release for Blaze since his departure from Iron Maiden and the first of a trilogy of concept albums, as Blaze takes up his love for Science Fiction, Cosmology and human identity and combined them in what is without a doubt, the mans best album since 'Silicon Messiah'.

The album takes Blaze on a real melodic metal journey beyond the outer hemisphere with this new opus, as the opener and title track ‘Infinite Entanglement’ is unleashed, that story unfolds.  A short narrative leads into a full on metal attack as Blaze unleashes those unmistakable powerhouse vocals, but he never struggles to reach his potential vocally.  The natural power he has was made for metal with a touch of baritone in the mix for that power-metal storytelling vibe.

The album continues with ‘A Thousand Years’, another rip snorting slice of Melodic Metal.  A big bass and drum presence carry this one along on a cosmic storm of melody drive guitars.

For me a good concept album is one that has a good story, but one which has enough scope that you can take any song away from the album and have it as a stand-alone, and that’s what Blaze has done with this album, as the next track shows to great effect.

‘Human’ is an all guns blazing, heads-down, thunder rock at its very best.  You don’t have to know the story behind the album to enjoy this full blown Metal anthem.  I’ve heard this live and it's just killer and is pure Blaze at his very best.  Far and away one of my favourite tracks off the album.

The darkness and solitude of space is brought to light with the haunting ‘What Will Come’, as the album brings in some orchestral strings and acoustic guitars, as Blaze lays down that superb baritone voice in a semi-narrative lyrical nature, as he takes up the part of the main protagonist of the piece William Black.

It's back to the Metal with the excellent ‘Stars Are Burning’.  This is concept Metal as it should be, power driven lyrics carrying the listener along for the ride, before the blistering old school heads down hard rocking of the stunning ‘Solar Wind’, before returning to the haunting tones of the narrative ‘The Dreams Of William Black’.  An interlude to the album as the story takes a dark twist, as this leads into the rocking ‘Calling You Home’.

The tempo is picked up with the excellent ‘Dark Energy 256’, it seems that Blaze has picked up a few story telling tricks from his Iron Maiden days, as this has that feel about it, with the layered driven guitar sound.

The mood and tempo switches, as all good concept albums do, with another haunting semi-narrative on the wonderful ‘Independence’.  A slow burner that just builds and builds into a real master-class of power driven hard rock.

That same building of a track is present of ‘A Work of Anger’, before the short album closer ‘Shall We Begin’, that acts as the epilogue to the album and lays down the roots for the second album in the trilogy, leaving the listener wanting more, just like a good movie.

Like I said this is without a doubt Blazes finest album in years.  He has taken something he is passionate about and spun into a story and like all good stories, it has three parts.  This is just the beginning, I for one can't wait to hear the middle and the end!

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Infinite Entanglement 
2. A Thousand Years 
3. Human 
4. What Will Come 
5. Stars Are Burning 
6. Solar Wind 
7. The Dreams Of William Black 
8. Calling You Home 
9. Dark Energy 256 
10. Independence 
11. A Work Of Anger


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