Album Reviews
Band: Blessed Hellride

Title: Bastards & Outlaws

Label: Rodeostar / SPV

I am often dubious when presented with releases from glam or classic rock bands as I often find them tiresome, unimaginative and this particular release from Blessed Hellride is of no exception to the above.

The opening number ‘Helldorado’ is a slow burner loaded with classic rock / sleaze riffs and some half decent hooks.  ‘Devil’s Ride’, ‘Papa Joe’ and ‘Blessed Hellride’ follow in a similar vein, flaunting more sleazy grooves at a moderate pace.  ‘Goddamn Hippie’ has some of the most cringe worthy and cheesy lyrics but is saved by a nifty breakdown section that is drenched in Iron Maiden’esque progressions and melodies (one of the few highlights). 

The remaining tracks do very little to deviate from the popular intro / verse / chorus formula resulting in them sounding one-dimensional as they trundle along at mid tempo.  By the time the title track has gone the many string-bending tricks wear thin and begin to sound incredibly dull.  A majority of the songs barely breach the five-minute mark but sound a lot longer due to the constant repetition and unimaginative content.  This record is easily 4 or 5 songs to many with my attention waning after the title track.  The only break from the repetition is the semi ballad of ‘Dead Man’s Blues’, which is pretty good. 

Overall, ‘Bastards & Outlaws’ is just another painful attempt at reliving the golden era of rock. 

Review by: Rob Herald



1. Intro 
2. Helldorado
3. Devil's Ride
4. Goddamn Hippie 
5. Papa Joe 
6. Blessed Hellride 
7. Blood Red River 
8. Moonshine Saloon 
9. Overdrive Junkies 
10. Dead Man's Blues 
11. Gevatter Tod
12. Shame On You
13. Bastards & Outlaws


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