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Band: Boneyard Dog

Title: Bluesbound Train

Label: AOR Heaven

Boneyard Dog is an Irish Classic / Blues Rock Band founded in 2015, the brainchild of German / Italian Rock singer Rob Mancini (Hotwire, Crush, Rob Mancini Band & Scar For Life) and Irish Blues guitar hero Davy Kerrigan, along with Ron Wikso on drums.


The album is pure classic rock with that Emerald Isle charm that’s smoother than a pint of the black stuff. If you can listen to this album and not want to get up and dance and swing your hips to it's hypnotic rhythm then I'd suggest you phone 999 now, because you my friend are in serious need of CPR!  Right from the first listen this album had me hooked.  It's blues infused funky little tunes such as 'Kingdom of your Company' and 'Paid My Dues' really do have infectious stamped all over them. 


Bands like Boneyard Dog are few and far between, which is pity because this is what British and Irish rock was all about, chunky guitars, dirty bass lines and massive awe-inspiring drum and in Mancini, a raspy vocal that is a mix between Lemmy and Phil Lynott.  Check out title track 'Bluesbound Train' and you'll know immediately what I mean.  This album just oozes class from start to finish, from opening track 'Mother Lode' to the closer ‘Boneyard Dog’ and all points in between. 


Check out the likes of ‘Lonely Road’ that features Marc Lynn from Gotthard and the raucous ‘Lay Down The Law’.  Look out guys there’s a new top dog on the prowl and they are Boneyard Dog, so be prepared to take a no holds barred ride on the Bluesbound Train.


Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Atchafayalla 
2. Mother Lode
3. Kingdom Of Your Company  
4. Lonely Road 
5. 100 Guns 
6. Bluesbound Train 
7. Paid My Dues 
8. Lay Down The Law 
9. Hell And Back 
10. Heartbreaker 
11. Fire Down Below
12. Boneyard Dog 


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