Album Reviews
Band: Featherstone

Title: Northern Rumble

Label: AOR Heaven

After spells in Gypsy Rose, Don Patrol, Last Autumn’s Dream, White Wolf and Bangalore Choir, Rikard Quist decided it was time to put a band together of his own making.  So together with friend and talented singer Lars Boden (Appearance), and with drummer Niklas Osterlund (Headplate), plus the addition of British lyricist Jon Wilde, who Rikard had collaborated previously, Featherstone was born. 

‘Northern Rumble’ is an apt title for this album as the band have set out to cause a stir in the world of Melodic Rock with this debut release.  The band’s name might have feather in the title, but this feather belongs to an eagle, as it’s full of soaring melodies and talon sharp riffs.  Right from the edgy opener ‘Need Myself The Most’ to the hard-hitting ‘Leave Me Be’ and ‘Look Into My Eyes’, the modern rocker Silhouettes On The Shade’, to mellower closer ‘Part Of Me’ and all parts in between.  This album has enough variety of catchy, hook-drive AOR and melodic hard rock songs to please even the most die-hard fans of these genres.   

This is a band on the cusp of greatness, so “ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE”?

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. I Need Myself The Most 
2. Freedom Call
3. Leave Me Be 
4. Look Into My Eyes 
5. Hole In My Heart 
6. Silhouettes On The Shade 
7. Hold On To Love 
8. Scandinavian Rose 
9. Fear Me, Save Me 
10. Part Of Me 


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