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Band: Shakra

Title: High Noon

Label: AFM Records


'High Noon' may well be the most significant album from Swiss rockers Shakra, as the title depicts, this is a time of decision for the band.  With the departure of vocalist John Prakesh in April 2014, we see former vocalist Mark Fox return to the band, as he joins Thom Blunier, Thomas Muster, Dominik Pfister and Roger Tanner for what is twelve tracks of pure Swiss precision rock n' roll.  There's one ballad and eleven all out rockers that will once again put Shakra back on the rock n' roll map.

The album opens up with a welcoming slab of straight shooting hard rock in ‘Hello’.  This is what Shakra have always been about, big riffs wrapped around a hard rocking melody and with Fox back on the mike, the album gets off to a great start.

The title track ‘High Noon’ carries on the hard rockin’ with those big chunky riffs courtesy of Blunier driving this one, with Fox delivering the vocals we knew from the 'Rising', 'Everest' and 'Infected' albums.

It's all guns blazing with the storming ‘Into Your Heart’, another great hard rocker that just explodes from the off and continues its rock n' roll rampage for four minutes of pure hedonistic Hard Rock bliss.

The band bring in a heavier edge to the mix with the tuned down riffs of ‘Around The World’, before bringing a little bluesy edge with the excellent ‘Eye To Eye’.  Then it's back to the meat and bones Hard Rock once more with the stunning ‘Is It Real’.

The only ballad on the album is a stunner ‘Life’s What You Need’, which really pulls as the heartstrings as Fox’s raspy vocals give it a little edge, before the foot is pushed firmly back on the pedal for the aptly titled ‘The Storm’, as once again Blunier brings forth the big licks.

From here on in it's rocking all the way as things continue with the anthemic ‘Raise Your Hands’ and the equally impressive ‘Stand Tall’, before bringing back that bluesy edge once more with the massive ‘Watch Me Burn’.

The album closes as it opened with a riff filled high octane rocker in ‘Wild And Hungry’.  This wraps up one of best Shakra albums to date and once again shows Switzerland just not all Clock’s and Chocs, it also Rocks! 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Hello 
2. High Noon
3. Into Your Heart 
4. Around The World 
5. Eye To Eye 
6. Is It Real 
7. Life's What You Need 
8. The Storm 
9. Raise Your Hands 
10. Stand Tall 
11. Watch Me Burn
12. Wild And Hungry 


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