Album Reviews
Band: Shiraz Lane

Title: For Crying Out Loud

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

Like a bat out hell comes Finland’s Shiraz Lane with their no nonsense Sleaze driven Hard Rock.  Over the past few years Stockholm has been seen as the new Sunset Strip, well guess what, Helsinki is the about to take up that mantle if these guys have anything to do with it. 

Like all good bands Shiraz Lane made their mark in the clubs of Finland with their take no prisoners approach.  Such was the buzz of their two track single in 2014 and the subsequent EP release in 2015, that they have become a darlings of the underground scene, with support slots alongside Santa Cruz throughout Finland.  That resulted in a deal with Frontiers Music Srl for this their debut album. 

For an old Hair Metal and Sleaze fan who grew up with likes of Motley Crue, L.A. Guns and the like, it’s great to hear the Scandinavian quarter once again bringing back this sleazy driven rock to the masses, including those new young fans and of course, us older ones who still pine for those hedonistic days of old.  Lead singer Hannes Kett at times hits notes that make all the dogs in the neighbourhood go crazy.  Think Mark Slaughter but with that Skid Row catchy rhythm that makes you want to get up and dance.

This album delivers on so many areas it’s hard to pick out individual tracks.  It’s like trying to pick your favourite child.  But if I had to then ‘House of Cards’, the single ‘Wake Up’, the groove filled ‘Mental Slavery’ and the closer ‘M.L.N.W.’ with its L.A. Guns feel would have to some of the many, many highlights I’d choose.   

This is a great album and one that's well worth checking out if you, like me, miss the Sunset Strip vibe and all the great bands we used to party hard to.  Having been lucky enough to catch these guys live in action at this years Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, I can assure you, these guys deliver it live and then some.  Hopefully a tour and / or more festival appearances will be there for these guys as I know they'd be a crowd favourite.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Wake Up 
2. Momma's Boy 
3. House Of Cards 
4. Begging For Mercy 
5. Same Ol' Blues 
6. Mental Slavery 
7. Behind The 8-Ball
8. For Crying Out Loud 
9. Bleeding 
10. M.L.N.W. 


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