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Band: Space Elevator

Title: Space Elevator

Label: SE Productions / Cargo Records


Flamboyant? Over the top? Bombastic?  Just three words that could easily describe Space Elevator and their new self-titled album, which will leave many of you out there scratching your head in total....'What the hell is going on here?!', as it certainly did with this reviewer!!  I mean, c'mon, when the vocalist is known as 'The Duchess', then you know that this ain't gonna be the usual run-of-the-mill Rock album by any stretch of the imagination, and, surprise, surprise, this one isn't!! Just trying to figure out where to start is a task in itself, but here goes...
Kicking off the album in a NASA themed intro is the funky/rock 'Elevator', which jumps about from said funkiness to dramatic opera-based aura then back which is a head-bender if there was any, then suddenly you're taken into a surreal 'space trip' on the sexily sang 'We Are The Losers', as pompous as Hyacinth Bucket on a good day, the band leave nothing to chance to get the ultimate crescendo of O.T.T. on harmonies and colossal sing-along chorus to boot!! Extravagant and wa-a-a-ay over the top, but on the mark to say the least.  

The lush acoustic opening to the Dr. Who love song (!!) 'I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)' sets off in motion a song that shows the real talents of the whole band as a unit, from the stylish guitar work from David Young, steady mix of drum styles of Brian Greene and subtle but effective bass via Chas Maguire. Oh, don't forget that  gorgeous voice of the D.!!  Elliott Ware's popping keyboard intro brings in 'Ordinary Day', it's pop/rock theme giving the feeling that there is a sense of West End Musical about the track, in fact, up to now, that is the 'vibe' that surrounds this album, very 'show woman/man like', and seeing as Queen's Brian May is a fan, and with his association with the most flamboyant of all singers in Freddie Mercury, then it's no wonder this band tickle his fancy, and Freddie would LOVE this album. (Ooh, yes Darling!!).  

Sticking with the keyed intro malarkey, Ware hits the 'weird button' for the beginning of 'Little White Lies' before the track suddenly skydives into a pacey number that verges on the new wave power pop that made it's mark in the mid 80's with the likes of Nena, but the Duchess is a far better singer than Gabrielle Susanne Kerner, taking the song by the scruff of the neck and delivers a theatrical version of attitude that only one Kate Bush is capable of.  Just listen to the final few seconds of this song and see what I mean....this woman has balls, ma-an!! There's a sudden slight change in the accessibility of the album, and it takes on what can only be described as a 'normal' Rock album when 'Loneliness Of Love' ups the Rock-ometer to Pat Benatar mode with it's mid tempo 80's styled American Rock groove, flashy guitar riffs and bursting harmonies galore, once again the D's vocals impressive as she belts out the song for all it's worth, then strangely, there's a boxing match going on as 'More Than Enough' kicks in!! Yeah really, the commentary from a boxing match starts the track off, before it all settles into another smashing little rocker that gets the feet a-tapping, followed on by the shuffling bass-led corker 'Really Don't Care', and it's like being at The Mayfair in Newcastle all over again!


The band dip back into that 'West End' vibe on the iffy-named, keyboard-soaked power ballad 'Oils And Bubbles', where just the title gets you wondering which road this song is going to take (!!), but divvent worry hinny, it's all an innocent tale about love and what it entails for the person involved who may just be a cleaning freak!!.  Lynsey De Paul at her very best when it comes to the chirpy lyrics, music and presentation, for those of a certain age who's memory is still fully intact!  'We Can Fly' will get the hairs on the back of your neck raised as it begins it's sultry journey, the atmospheric mood only interrupted by short bursts of a souped up tempo which eventually takes over towards the end, then we come to the final track, 'Move On', another key-led power ballad with those oh so sensual vocals that really are the highlight of this album, which, in my humble opinion, is an album of two halves, the first being quite 'Showy' and theatrical in parts, the second more like the Rock style I've been used to over the years, which may mean that 'Space Elevator' may not appeal to all, but given the chance, will definitely grab everyone's attention for all the right reasons, 'cos it's fun! 

What are they going to be like live? I'm hoping to find out in the near future, as I imagine it'll be a ball.  Hurrah Dah-lings!!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1. Elevator  
2. We Are The Losers 
3. I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams) 
4. Ordinary Day 
5. Little White Lies 
6. Loneliness Of Love 
7. More Than Enough
8. Really Don't Care 
9. Oils And Bubbles 
10. We Can Fly 
11. Move On 


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