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Band: Tainted Nation

Title: On The Outside

Label: Pride And Joy Music

We first learned that drummer Pete Newdeck had a voice when he appeared on Jay Palmar's ‘Circle of Fire’ album.  Since then Newdeck has decided to step from behind the drums and front his own band Tainted Nation.

The bands debut ‘F.E.A.R.' was released to critical acclaim in 2012, now in 2016, we see the much anticipated second release ‘On The Outside’.  Newdeck is joined once again by Mark Cross (drums), Pontus Egberg (bass), Ian Nash (guitars) and Joel Peters (guitars), for another monstrous slice of modern edged Heavy Metal.

The album opens up in true Tainted Nation style with 'Live And Die'.  A song co-penned by Hammerfall’s Pontus Norgren.  A real heads-down metal attack, with Newdeck bringing his full vocal might to this one, with Nash’s and Peters big riffing guitars not far behind, while the rhythm section of Egberg and Cross are the foundation for this modern metaller.

The same modern edged metal is continued on the excellent ‘Defiance’, another rip snorting riff filled metal delight that sways between full on metal and mellower keyboard and vocals.  A real step outside the box that really works.

The metal delights just keep on coming at the full tilt with the excellent ‘Fight’ and the rampaging ‘Barriers’, the latter being quite apt title as the band have broken down the barriers between the traditional Hard Rock and the more Modern Metal sound and combined the two in one unique sound.

This album is about bringing Modern Metal to the masses as they show off the melodic side with ‘On The Outside’, with Vega’s Nick Workman supplying the backing vocals to this Ozzyesque tune.

What’s next is something quite special, as Newdeck and the band put a heavy spin on one of my favourite all time songs, as they take Billy Squier’s ‘The Stroke’ and completely rework it, with big chunky riffs courtesy of Nash and Peters and Newdeck’s powerful vocals.  If you’re going to do a cover, then make it your own and Tainted Nation have certainly done that with this one.

It's back to the original tunes with the storming ‘Ordinary Life’ and the equally impressive slab of lick laden metal with ‘Karma’, another song co-penned by Norgren.

The band really go bring the heat with one of my favourite tracks off the album ‘Going To Hell’, this the sort of stuff Ozzy should be doing with Gus G, big riffing modern metal.

'About a Boy' is another punchy modern rocker that leads nicely into the excellent ‘Pull Me Under’, which sees Newdeck duetting with Issa.  A mix that works really well.  There is a twist in the tail of the album with the multi-layered ‘Welcome To War’, before the album closer and the most melodic track of the album ‘Back To Earth’, which closes a quite stunning second album from the band.  The band have expanded the Modern Hard Rock/Metal envelope with this new album which continues where ‘F.E.A.R. left off.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Live And Die 
2. Defiance 
3. Fight 
4. Barriers 
5. On The Outside 
6. The Stroke 
7. Ordinary Life 
8. Karma 
9. Going To Hell 
10. About A Boy 
11. Pulling Me Under
12. Welcome To War
13. Back To Earth 


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