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Band: Thunderstone

Title: Apocalypse Again

Label: AFM Records

‘Apocalypse Again’ is the new opus from Finland’s Power Metallers Thunderstone, which also sees the return of the bands original vocalist Pasi Rantanen, after a six year break from the band. 

The album takes the band back to its roots with Rantanen at the helm, as they wind the clock back to music that made their mark with their self titled debut back in 2002, as they mix the Symphonic with Classic Hard Rock.  A combination that worked so well for the band before and does so once again on this release. 

The big keyboards courtesy of Jukka Karinen, the towering riffs of Nino Laurenne, the powerhouse rhythm section of Titus Hjelm and Atte Palokangas on bass and drums respectively ignite the senses from the off, with the rampaging opener ‘Veterans of the Apocalypse’, with the icing on the cake being the vocal might of Rantanen. 

The album delivers track after track with the monstrous ‘The Path’ and the excellent ‘Through The Rain’, as the band bring in their mellower side with the latter. 

When it comes to stunningly spectacular, then for me it has to be the superb multi-layered ‘Higher’, as that mix of Classic Hard Rock and Symphonic is brought to the forefront.  Although for sheer class, the seven minute plus epic ‘Barren Land’ shows the band at their very best.  A real master-class in Symphonic splendour if ever there was one.  

This is the album the fans have been waiting for, a grandiose opus truly worthy of the Thunderstone name.  For anyone not familiar with the band, well if you, like me, are a big fan of the likes of Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Jorn Lande and Russell Allen, then you'd do well to check these guys out.  I think it will delight and surprise a lot of people.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Veterans Of The Apocalypse  
2. The Path 
3. Fire And Ice 
4. Through The Pain 
5. Walk Away Free 
6. Higher 
7. Wounds 
8. Days Of Our Lives 
9. Barren Land 


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