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Band: Trick Or Treat

Title: Rabbit Hill Pt.2

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

When it comes to Power Metal you think of tales about Dragons, Kings, Tales of the Norseman and similar ilk, but bunny rabbits not so much, but that's something that Italian Metallers Trick or Treat have done by taking the Richard Adams novel Watership Down and builting not just one, but two concept albums around it.

The first encounter saw the light of day with the bands 3rd studio album 'Rabbit Hill Pt.1', now in 2016 they return with ‘Rabbit Hill Pt.2' and the story continues. 

With the powerhouse vocals of Alessandro Conti leading the pack, the album is power driven metal as it should be.  Opening up with the ‘Inle (The Black Rabbit of Death)', a real heads-down double kick drum spectacle, with Conti’s vocals delivering as always.  It's easy to hear why Trick or Treat originally started out as a Helloween tribute band, as Conti’s vocal similarities to Michael Kiske are just scary.

After the opener the more sedate tones of ‘Together Again’ come in, with a mix of folkish mandolins, traditional guitars and keys.  A real diverse second track as you would expect, but if you’re a concept album connoisseur, then no tale is ever all one way traffic.

Things continue with excellent ‘Cloudrider’, a more traditional Melodic Metal affair, again with all the focus falling on Conti’s outstanding vocals, only this time they're paired with a chug-along power riff.

The next track ‘Efrafa’ continues in similar vein, with a eerie opening that builds and builds on a towering guitar lick and powerhouse drum section, before just exploding into a full on Power Metal assault that really has you hooked, even before Conti takes to the mike.

'Never Say Goodbye' leans more towards the melodic metal end of spectrum, as the piano keyboard gives way to the guitars and another stunning vocal.  Then it's heads down metal all the way on the fantastic ‘The Great Escape’ and the darker ‘They Must Die’ and ‘Beware the Train’, before returning to the folk metalesque tones for the anthemic ‘United’.

The eleven minute plus epic ‘The Showdown’ mixes all the elements of the album together in a wondrous blaze of Power Metal glory, before the album closer ‘Last Breath’.  A gentle closer to the story of Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig .  They might be bunnies, but these bunnies are ready to take on tyranny in search of freedom once more, only this time they're wearing Denim and Leather.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Inle' (The Black Rabbit Of Death) 
2. Together Again 
3. Cloudrider 
4. Efrafa 
5. Never Say Goodbye 
6. The Great Escape 
7. They Must Die 
8. Beware The Train 
9. United 
10. The Showdown
11. Last Breath 


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