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Band: 7HY

Title: No Going Back

Label: Lions Pride Music

'No Going Back' is the fourth album from 7HY (Seven Hard Years) where Alan Kelly (ex-Shy) and American vocalist Shawn Pelata (ex-Line Of Fire), join forces with multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrew Chick and Danny (Lead Guitar) for another great album under the 7HY moniker.

If you liked the previous three albums 'No Place In Heaven' (2014), 'Stories We Tell' (2016) and ‘For The Record' (2017), then you are just going to love ‘No Going Back’

This new opus is just another great slice of melody rich rock, that to be honest, is simply timeless.  Things get underway with 'Stay Gone', which is a great opener.  No fancy intro’s, no narrative, it's just straight into the rock.  In Pelata you have a great vocalist who really brings his A-game once again for this new release.

The album continues rocking with the excellent 'Deep Dark Blue', which is quite simply, melodic rock of the highest order.  The guitar work of Beardsley is just sublime, as he throws out the licks six string confetti.  The title track 'No Going Back' is more gentile affair, but the quality never fades.  A real touch of class.

The tempo is brought back up with the simply stunning 'Every Moment', where again Beardsley’s guitars soar throughout.  This one has that 80’s feel about it, but given a real up-to-date punch that makes this timeless.

What great melodic rock album wouldn’t be complete without a ballad or two and this album has a real old school power ballad in 'Still Falling'.  This track is what made this genre the powerhouse it is.

It's back to the rockers, firstly it’s the riff laden 'Your Reality', before the slow burner 'Can’t Trust The Radio'.  The latter is a great track to listen to while riding in the car with top down or the windows open, blasting the music out of the speakers.

'I Love You' is pure 80’s styled melody rich rock with a great modern feel to it, before bringing the album to a close with 'Can We Try'.  Talk about leaving the best for last, this one has it all.  A great love song very much in the vain of Mr Big and what a great way to end another great album from Alan and the boys.  I can't wait for the next offering. 

The album may be called 'No Going Back', but believe me, you’ll be going back to this album time and time again  What a corker!

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Stay Gone
2.  Deep Dark Blue
3.  No Going Back
4.  Every Moment
5.  Still Falling
6.  Your reality
7.  Can't Trust The Radio
8.  I Love You
9.  Can We Try  


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