Album Reviews
Band: American Tears

Title: White Flags

Label: Escape Music

Okay, before we get started, anyone who buys this CD is gonna have to be open-minded about music and (b) like 70's Prog such as Greenslade, ELP, Genesis, Deep Purple, Rick Wakeman, Jean Michel Jarre et al. 

One other thing I must say as well is that I'm not gonna go through this album track by track. 

The protaganator behind American Tears is of course Keyboardist extraordinaire Mark Mangold, who also handles vocals on White Flags. This is the follow up to his previous work HARDCORE and doesn't cover any new ground as such. 

What we have on offer here is Prog/Rock without GUITARS!!!, well ELP did it in the 70's, but whereas their early material was more orchestral the songs on here have melodies and insightful lyrics  

Mangold makes full use of whatever he has in the studio, whether that be a Hammond, Moog, Synth or just an ordinary everyday piano. He also handles all instrumentation on here, Keys, Drums, Bass and Vocals. 

The Hammond takes centre stage through this whole CD, weaving patterns across the songs. He may not be the world's best vocalist but Mangold's vocals suit the lyrics and melodies.  

Everything seems effortless without being too experimental so White Flags straddles the line between full on Prog and Rock with more melody and a poppy/techno edge at times. 

It does feel that some of the songs are repeating themselves and merge into being a JAM but the one saving grace on here is the title track itself, White Flags, with it's power ballad influence, as the keyboards weave their melodies. 

So there you have it, short but sweet I know, but after a few listens I realised I couldn't do a track by track review of this, it feels like a seamless piece of work and ain't nobody doing anything like this at the moment.

Review by: Dave Brass



1.  Turn U On
2.  Wake Up City
3.  Hell Or High Water
4.  Waltz Of The Angels
5.  Fire Down Below
6.  Give Me More
7.  Love Is Love
8.  Turn The Page (Blue Dog)
9.  Pitch Black
10. Keep On Movin'

11.  White Flags


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