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Band: Ammouri

Title: Dare To Be Happy

Label: Pride & Joy Music


'Dare to be Happy' is the debut solo album from the Swedish female metal artist, rock singer, songwriter, music producer and model Marina Ammouri. 

This Swedish songstress has already made waves in the rock world and has already been labeled as the new Doro Pesch. In spring 2017, the Swedish multi-talent was invited to collaborate with Maestro Mistheria, the creator of Vivaldi Metal Project.  Joining Marina on the album are a who's who of the rock world that includes Pontus Egberg (bass, the Poodles, King Diamond) on all of the songs and also as co-producer of six tracks. Exceptional guitarist Staffan Österlind (Paul Dianno), Tony Borg (guitar, Alien), drummer Johan Kullberg (Therion, Hammerfall), John Berg (guitar) and more can be heard on this CD. 

The album opens up with the impressive ‘Fill Your Heart With Love’ and from the off you can see why the Doro similarities come from, although I think the vocals steers more towards The V herself, Victoria Freeman.  This is no-nonsense heavy metal, that really lets the listener know Ammouri means business with this solo album.

The hard hitting Metal keeps on coming with the dark ‘Monster of Your Own Creation’, with the guitars being handled by Staffan Österlind.

It's all systems go on the excellent ‘Starlight’, again keeping that darker metal vibe going, before things lighten up a touch with the Melodic Metal tones of the title track ‘Dare To Be Happy’.

Things take an almost Gothic tone with ‘Bad Illusion’, complete with a haunting solo courtesy of Tony Borg, before being brought up a gear or two with the Funk-o-Metal vibe of ‘Manipulation’.  A song crying out for a dance remix.

It's back to the straight shooting Heavy Metal with ‘Not Anymore’, before returning to the dark side with ‘More Than Everything’.  If Édith Piaf, this would be the style she would adopt.

The album closes with the epic soundscape that is 'He Knows Everything About Me’, which wraps up a quite fascinating album, full of more twists and turns a bucket of snakes.  Definitely one album that will split opinions in the Metal ranks, but one for sure that will put Marina on the rock map.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Fill Your Heart With Love
2.  Monster Of Your Own Creation
3.  Starlight (Metal Version)
4.  Dare To Be Happy
5.  Bad Illusion
6.  Manipulation
7.  Not Anymore
8.  More Than Everything
9.  He Knows Everything About Me  


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