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Band: Ammunition

Title: Ammunition

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

In 2015 we were treat to one of the rock albums of the year, we are talking about 'Shanghaied', the debut album from Ammunition.

The band founded by former Wig Wam frontman Age Sten Nilsen and multi-talented Erik Mårtensson of Eclipse, W.E.T. and Nordic Union.  The band really set tongues wagging with their debut release and now in 2018 they return with their much anticipated follow up, simply entitled 'Ammunition'.  Oh boy, do these guys know how to show us just how good time modern rock music should be done.

Joining the pair on this album once again are the talented quartet of Victor Cito Borge (bass), Jon Pettersen (guitars), Lasse Finbraten (keyboards) and Magnus Ulfstedt (drums), and together they have produced another great trailblazing slice of melody filled rock n' roll.

From the opener ‘Time’, the album kicks into top gear and never takes it foot off the pedal right down to the closer ‘Klondyke’. If you’ve got the debut then you’ll be please to hear the new album takes up very much where 'Shanghaied' left off.

From the upbeat rhythms of ‘Freedom Finder’ that has that Billy Squier 'The Stroke' feel about it, before the no-nonsense rocker ‘Virtual Reality Boy’ and the groove filled 'Gung Ho ( I Told You So)'.  This album takes no prisoners.

The tempo only eases a touch for the stunning ballad ‘Eye for an Eye’, which is where Nilsen showcases perfectly what a wonderful soulful side he has to his vocals, which long time fans of Wig Wam know only too well.

The hard rocking comes back with the funky grooves of ‘Tear Your City Down’ before the quite sublime rocker ‘Caveman’.

Next up is the song that got the band all the way to the Norwegian Eurovision grand finale.  ‘Wrecking Crew’ is just pure infectious rock n' roll, that I know we'd all love to see a lot more of in the Eurovision competition.  It most certainly would have got my vote if it had made it through to the finals!  I cant see why this one wasn’t the winner, it's just a really great anthemic sing-a-long rock song that has Eurovision written all over it.  I dare anyone to listen to it and not feel pumped up by it's energy.

Next up is the excellent ‘Miss Summertime’.  If this song was released in the 80’s, it would have had the moniker of Power Ballad, but this isn’t a nostalgia trip, it's just a great song which is what the Scandinavian band's seem to do do very well, brining the best of that 80’s sound bang into to now.

It's back to the rockier side of things with the hard hitting ‘Bad Bones’, another great riff filled rocker before the album closes out with ‘Klondike’, a fitting end to a great album.  If you're looking for gold then Ammunition have a 24 carat album on their hands with this release.


Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Time
2.  Freedom Fighter
3.  Virtual Reality Boy
4.  Guns Ho (I Told You So)
5.  Eye For An Eye
6.  Tear Your City Down
7.  Caveman
8.  Wrecking Crew 
9.  Miss Summertime
10.  Bad Bones 
11. Klondike


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