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Band: Babylon A. D.

Title: Revelation Highway

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

'Revelation Highway' is the long awaited fourth album from Hard Rockers Babylon A.D., led by the vocal might that is Derek Davies.  A band that were one of the many victims of the Grunge era, as their career was just starting to snowball along when in came the plaid invasion and melted it. 

The band are celebrating their 30th Anniversary as a band and what better way to show the world they still have that same conviction in rock n' roll that they had 30 years ago, than with a brand new album that will shake your very foundations. 

Anyone who caught this year’s solo album from Davies knows the man still has one of the greatest vocals in rock.  Whether it be soul or rock, this guy brings it all, as this album shows in spades.

The album takes you for the ride of your life from the off with ‘Crash and Burn’, a real meat and potato rocker that just explodes from the off and keeps it's pedal to the floor throughout.

The album shows what Davies can bring to any album vocally, as he keeps the soulful rock vibe going in ‘Fool on Fire’ and keeps that same vein with the excellent ‘One Million Miles’.  But for real soul then check the stunning ‘Tears’, this one starts off slowly but then just builds into a great mid-tempo rocker.

The hard rocking comes back with a bang with the groove filled ‘She Likes to Give It’ and the hard hitting ‘Rags to Riches’.  The latter being one of my favourite tracks off the album.  To paraphrase ... “it just rocks like a bastard”.

The album continues to impress with ‘Last Time For Love’.  Another great rocker that flows like a juggernaut on ice, taking many turns on the way, but getting there with cargo intact.

Another one of my favourite tracks off the album has to be 'I’m No Good For You’.  Another groove monster that just rocks, as does another meat and potatoes rocker ‘Saturday Night’.  This is raw rock n' roll at its very best and is what Babylon A.D. are all about.

The album closes in style with ‘Don’t Tell Me Tonight’, a corking ballsy rocker to close out what is a great album.  This album has it all, so get ready to fall in love with Babylon A.D. once more, as we take a 10 track ride along the 'Revelation Highway'.  Definitely one of my albums of the year.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Crash And Burn
2.  Fool On Fire
3.  One Million Miles
4.  Tears
5.  She Likes To Give It
6.  Rags To Riches
7.  Last Time For Love
8.  I'm No Good For You
9.  Saturday Night
10. Don't Tell Me Tonight


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