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Band: Bigfoot

Title: Bigfoot

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

When people mention Wigan, being a huge music and footy fan, I automatically think of the Northern Soul Mecca that was the Casino, or the team that beat the 'mighty' Manchester City in this years F.A. Cup (again!).  Well folks, add to that list Bigfoot, a big sounding Rock n' Roll band that kick-ass like there's no tomorrow, as this, their debut goes to show the World of Rock that the Brits lead the way, always have, always will!  

From the bull in a china shop, Pantera-esque thudding mind-blower, 'Karma', to the placid intro'd / Spacehog-tinted finale 'Yours', this gang rock with that capital 'R', with plenty more in the tank to keep us all wanting more.  I mean, check out 'The Fear' for starters, it's scratchy riff is as menacing as a bunch of Grannies waiting to be let in at the bingo, building up to a powerhouse of a song that, hopefully, will see the light of day live, and I mean up here chaps, so get yer fingers oot, like!  As it used to be said on the kids programme  'Mr.Ben',.'and as if by magic..' the band only go and get even better on the barnstorming 'Tell Me A Lie', rocking your foundations with some serious tub-thumping from Tom Aspinall and great vocals via Anthony Ellis, who really excels on the following ballad 'Forever Alone', a real contender for tear-jerker of the year, and if he doesn't mind me saying, sounding like a younger version of one Danny Vaughn, but that ain't all, those guitars ma-an, that's it right there, that's the song nailed by Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh, hook, line and sinker, Awesome, dudes!!  

'Eat Your Words' kicks in like early 90's Extreme, a fist-pumper of a track if there was one, once again led by some Mr.Angry drumming, the soaring solos just managing to get past it to up the groove, whilst the 'nicked' AC/DC styled 'ya y ya'd' finishes business, then it's onto the bluesy rocker 'Prisoner Of War', and this is where the subtle, but intense rumbling of Matt Avery's bass comes into it's own, grabbing the track by the scrote and not letting go 'til the end, which by then will have had your head and feet nodding and tapping along like you've got a bad case of tourettes!  'Freak Show' explodes into life on barrage of riffage 'n drumming, Ellis chewing and spitting out his vocals as they hit the chorus, the racing tempo not giving an inch, Avery's bass coming into the spotlight mid way through, then...bedlam as the band let go and rip a new a-hole in the studio!! YEAAAH!!!

Now comes the time to get the hips a-swaying as the groove meister  'I Dare You' shuffles it's way in on a combo of sparkling guitar / funky bassline that is again in Extreme-meets-Dan-Reed-Network territory, dropping into a Reggae vibe 'just for the Hell of it as a matter of fact 'cos we can' few seconds that catches you by surprise but doesn't spoil the song at all, just a shrug of the shoulders moment for the listener, I suppose.  

Back to the Rib Eyed beefy end of Rockdom on the mid paced 'The Devil in Me', sinister to begin with as the eerie guitar work needles it's way in, then becoming the main source of the song as solos galore intensify the song, giving off a shadow of Deep Purple at their best, an unintentional homage more than likely, but just as good as said band, and ... whisper it ... possibly better too on evidence of recent footage seen on TV!! 


'Uninvited' keeps the faith when it comes to some fine Rock 'N Roll, the gang-styled 'so what!!' and 'go get up' sure to be a hit with any audience who'll have the pleasure of seeing this lot live (!!!!!), and really, you just ain't gonna get better than this soul-shaker as it's one of the best songs on this great album, which, as mentioned earlier, ends on a 7+ minute extravaganza.  

Well, Wigan has surely been firmly put on the map for a third reason in this household, as it is the home of Bigfoot, who may just have come up with one of this years 'Album Of The Year' contenders on many a list, especially when you get a track like 'Yours' that brings it to a close. Stunning.


Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Karma
2.  The Fear
3.  Tell Me A Lie
4.  Forever Alone
5.  Eat Your Words
6.  Prisoner Of War
7.  Freak Show
8.  I Dare You
9.  The Devil In me
10. Uninvited  
11. Yours


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