Album Reviews
Band: Blaze Bayley

Title: Live In Chez Paulette

Label: Blaze Bayley Recording


This album is the amalgamation of 4 years of solid graft work from Blaze Bayley and his backing band (otherwise known as Absolva).  Paying homage to these years, a majority of focus is given to the ‘Infinite Entanglement’ era songs along with deep cuts from Blaze Bayley & Iron Maiden’s back catalogue.  

The very best compositions from the ‘Infinite Entanglement’ trilogy are handpicked for this live album that make for an exceptionally solid release.

From chapter I, ‘Calling You Home’, ‘Independence’, ‘A Thousand Years’ & finale of ‘Dark Energy 256’ are absolute riff ripping, crowd-pleasing classics. ‘Endure and Survive’, ‘Fight Back’ and ‘Escape Velocity’ from Chapter II (Endure and Survive), deliver all the staple point sing-along choruses that Blaze is renowned for.

 Highlights from Chapter III (the Redemption of William Black) are the anthemic ‘Redeemer’, ‘Prayers of Light’ & ‘Are You Here’ that round of a captivating chunk of the set list. Paying respect to the years Bayley featured in Iron Maiden, ‘Man on the Edge’, ‘Futureal’, (one of my favorites) ‘Virus’ and ‘Angel and the Gambler’ all make an appearance much to the delight of the fans.  The sole composition to feature from Blaze’s early years is the title track from ‘Silicon Messiah’ that has not had an airing for the past few tours.  

Overall, live in Chez Paulette in an absolute rock solid, robust and killer live record! This release is certainly one for Blaze fans and not to missed by classic heavy metal maniacs.

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Redeemer
2.  Are You Here
3.  Futureal
4.  The First True Sign
5.  Silicon Messiah
6.  Dawn Of The Dead Son
7.  Escape Velocity
8.  Fight Back
9.  Prayers Of Light 
10. Virus  


1.  Independence
2.  Immortal One
3.  Human
4.  Calling You Home
5.  Endure And Survive
6.  The Angel And The Gambler
7.  Man On The Edge
8.  A Thousand Years
9.  Infinite Entanglement
10. Dark Energy 



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