Album Reviews
Band: Blood Red Saints

Title: Love Hate Conspiracies

Label: AOR Heaven

Well if you’re gonna get the New Year underway, then what better way to blow off those winter blues than with the much anticipated sophomore album from Blood Red Saints 'Love Hate Conspiracies'.

With this new album we see a couple of new band members joining the Saints, original members Pete Godfrey, Rob Naylor (bass) and Lee Revill (guitars).   First up its Neil Hibbs (formerly of Arkhams Razor, Shy) joins to add a harder edge with crunching guitars for a tougher approach for both live and studio work.  Secondly Andy Chemney (drums) was an obvious choice, having worked with Rob in their previous band 'Angels Or Kings'.

The album takes up where the debut 'Speedway' left off, with a great mix of hard rock and melodic rock, all wrapped up in eleven slabs of great rock n' roll.

Things get underway with ‘Another Freak’, after a Barnum and Bailey style intro, it's into the hard rocking and straight from the word go, the band deliver the goods.  Godfrey gives his usual A1 vocal, while the twin guitars of Revill and Hibbs give the beans with some high octane riffing, alongside the new rhythm combo of Naylor and Chemney giving it their all, and this is just the opener!

The hard rocking continues with the excellent 'Live & Die', a great riff driven slice of melodic hard rock that highlights how the band have taken that solid foundation of the first album and built a skyscraper of a sound.

The great songs just keep coming with the anthemic melodic edged rocker 'Wake Up', again with the twin guitar work sounding just sublime, as it is on the rocking 'Something In Your Kiss'.  This is old school Hard Rock for the modern age.

The title track ‘Love Hate Conspiracies' takes the album to another level, as things get a little funky.  Godfrey is at this very best on this one, mixing great harmonies with an edgy angst.

But for me Godfrey really shines on the band's mellower moments and one of those is the stunning ballad 'Arms Wide Open'.  There is soulful element to his vocals and this one really brings that side of them out.  Just stunning!

'Its back to harder edged rock with a bang with 'Is It Over', another great rocker that sees the band being joined by Paul Laine, as he and Godfrey bring the vocal heat, that will have you moving and a grooving from the off.  This showcases perfectly how the band have taken that traditional Hard / Melodic Rock and brought it kicking and screaming into the now.

The same can be said about 'Sometimes', but in the melodic rock style, something that the Scandinavian bands have made their trade mark over recent years, and it's great to hear a British band taking the bull by the horns and bringing the same feel to the genre.

Things get a little darker with the excellent 'Rise Again' this has the same edgy vibe as the opener, before this great album closes with a true rock out track 'Turn On The Night'.  This is perfect way to close out what is great way to start 2018.          

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Another Freak
2.  Live & Die
3.  Wake Up
4.  Exit Wounds
5.  Something In Your Kiss
6.  Love Hate Conspiracies
7.  Arms Wide Open
8.  It Is Over
9.  Sometimes
10.  Rise Again
11. Turn On The Night


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