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Band: Blood Red Saints

Title: Pulse

Label: AOR Heaven

With the New Year comes the third album from one of the finest British Melodic Hard Rock bands of recent years, I’m talking about Midland rockers the Blood Red Saints.

The band take up where the excellent 'Love Hate Conspiracies' left off with this new opus 'Pulse'.

Once again the vocal might of Pete Godfrey leads the charge along with the Lee Revill, Neil Hibbs and Andy Chemney, who together push the boundaries of British Hard Rock.  This is an album that is a mighty as it is melodic, bringing that Brit edge that we know and love to the forefront once more.

The album gets underway with 'Believer', now this is how to open an album.  This song just oozes class.  Godfrey has one hell of vocal presence and this album just brings out the best in his vocals, along with the twin guitars, all making this is a pure bred hard rock release.

The band delve into their heavier side with the fantastic 'Animals', which is a meaty, grinding rocker that is just pure ear-candy.  It has touches of the classic 80’s tones, but with a lot more edge.  If Gillette produced edges like these you’d never buy a razor again, against fear of cutting yourself.

Next up it's 'Cross To Bear' with its orchestral backings all making this a towering, almost cinematic epic.  That epic feeling is continued with the simply stunning 'Invincible’, which is one of best tracks from the band, not just on this album, but across all three composition’s.  There is definitely magic between Godfrey and Revil when it comes to the songwriting which has just grown from album to album.

Next up it's ‘I’m Your Devil', a real stabbing modern slice of Melodic Hard Rock.  This is the sort of sound I’ve come to expect from the Scandinavian bands in this genre, as they drag this genre into the now.

It's back to the tradition Melodic Rock stylings with the ballad 'Crash Into Me'.  This is where Godfrey brings his soulful side to the mix, before the tempo is rocked up to ten once more with the excellent title track 'Pulse'.  This is multifaceted rock at its very best.  This song has more layers than a Southerner in winter.

‘Message to God’ once again brings that epic hard rock feel back with a bang, before the tempo is brought down once more with another stunner in the slow burner 'Warrior'.

The massive 'What Have We Become' is a reflective look as today’s world gone mad, before the album closes in style with another great ballad 'Bring Me To Life’, which closes another excellent album from the boys, who once again show that British Melodic Hard Rock still has a part to play into today’s ever changing music scene.

Stick this one on and let your 'Pulse' rise to the great rock n' roll that floods from your speakers and let the worries of today become tomorrows playthings.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Believer
2.  Animals
3.  Cross To Bear
4.  Invincible
5.  I'm Your Devil
6.  Crash Into Me
7.  Pulse
8.  Message To God
9.  Warrior
10. What Have We Become  
11. Bring Me To Life


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