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Band: Burn

Title: Ice Age

Label: Melodic Rock Records

It's been some 10 years since British Hard Rockers Burn unleashed their critically acclaimed return album 'Global Warning', badly in 2008 despite great live shows, the band drifted apart and Burn was put on what seemed like an indefinite hold.  But the world of Melodic / Hard Rock is one of resilience and so the brothers Barney and Marc Stackhouse, along with Phil Hammond, bring the band back out of the ashes shall we say, with this new line-up.  A new vocalist was needed and on the recommendation of Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse), Steve Newman was approached, who subsequently recommended Chris Green (Tyketto) to fill the vacant lead guitar spot.  So with the band line-up finalized, the next chapter of the Burn story begins with the new album ‘Ice Age’. 

The new album is sure to shake the foundations of fans and critics alike, as this is British Hard rock at its very best.  The album has a grittier edge than it's predecessor, which can only be expected from a band who are always ready to take things to the next level.

The album opens up with intro 'Global Warning', before the opener proper, the current single ‘Irontown’, which from the off really breaks the ice shall we say.  A real ballsy slice of great Hard Rock.  Newman is the perfect foil for this new chapter of the band, who along with the great guitars of Green, really adds something special to the band vocally and sonically.

The album continues with the mellower, but equally impressive tones of ‘Jealousy’, before rocking things back up with excellent ‘Hate’.  A real heads-down rocker.

It's back to the more mellower tones with the slow burner ‘We Sink Together’, which starts off with a gentle piano refrain before exploding into cacophony of soaring guitars and a power driven rhythm section.  A great track to lose yourself in.

There’s a touch of the blues with ‘The Girl Who Wants Everything’, with its acoustic guitar and choral backing vocals, then the band rip up a melodic storm with the rocking ’Live Again’.

‘Wasteland’ is just Newman and piano.  A great ballad to start of the second half of the album, then it’s back to the hard rocking with the impressive ‘Love Song’, which despite its title, is a great riff laden rocker.

The next track ‘Twenty Twenty’ shows this new chapter of Burn are here to kick some ass.  This one has to be played as full volume.  This is Newman at his heaviest.  I tell you, this man has more layers than my stack of vinyl.

The rock keeps on coming with the ballsy bass laden ‘Punishment of Lust’, interwoven with a great dose of electronica and orchestral backing, giving this a futuristic metal feel.

That same vibe is continued with the simply superb ‘Payback', which is my pick for track of the album.  This is modern Hard Rock for the modern age.  Yeh we all love the 80’s, but the genre needs to go forward and this one track is what the genre is all about today.  Listen to any of the bands coming out of Scandinavia who do this so well, it’s great to hear a British band embracing the same style.

The album closes with the title track ‘Ice Age’, another corker of a hard rocker to round off what is a great album.  Let's hope this new chapter of Burn continues in a similar vein and we don’t have wait another 10 years for the next album.  The weather outside might seem like the start of another Ice Age, but Burn are here to warm the cockles of your heart like never before.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Global Warning
2.  Irontown
3.  Jealousy
4.  Hate
5.  Sink Together
6.  The Girl Who Wanted Everything
7.  Live Again
8.  Wasteland
9.  Love Song
10. Twenty Twenty 
11. Punishment Of Lust
12. Payback
13. Ice Age 
14. Dancing With The Enemy (bonus track) 


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