Album Reviews
Band: D'Ercole

Title: The Ballad Of C.L.

Label: PvM Records

He just can't stay still for one minute, can he! Nope, Phil Vincent has his fingers in so many pies it's almost impossible to keep tracks on him. This time he's popped up on the new D'Ercole album 'The Ballad Of C.L.', and to say it's a doozy in the best sense possible is an understatement! Phil, Vince O'Regan, Damian D'Ercole and B.F. D'Ercole all come together to produce a collection of songs that will raise a smile, eyebrow or owt else for that matter, and I'm sure it'll be your blood pressure when ... whoa, whoa, hold the line, 'Fighting' literally hoofs it's way into life, sounding as if the band have had some Speed slipped into their cups o' coffee as this bugger not only bolts out of the trap in a flurry of total manic riffage 'n drums, poor Lewis Hamilton on a good day couldn't keep up with this speed freak of a Rocker!  

'Time And Time Again' brings down the tempo in a time of need (!), gently gliding in on a lovely easy-going drumbeat, pedal effect guitar and ... yes .. yes ... a tambourine if my ears detect it rightly, giving the song a 70's feel to it, the track as easy on the ear as a purring kitten, only for the little git to turn into a killer feline as a grinding slab of six-string and drumming slams in and here comes 'It's All Over Now', think Kiss in their heyday but with more chutzpah, as heavy as Donald Trump on a donkey .. yeah, THAT heavy!


'See The Light' grooves 'n moves along with some hip-shaking riffing and foot-stomping bass/drumming, the vocals almost hitting their limit as the music powers it's way along, sorta like a young Ian Gillan-Rob Halford mix, if that's even possible to imagine, but that's what comes to my mind ... hmmmm, then ... SWEET! BALLROOM BLITZ!! The chugging intro flung me straight back to Top Of The Pops, September 1973, not as Glammy guitared as Andy Scott's, or tinged with the keys, but 'She's A Dancer' certainly is similar, if not heavier on the intro as well as throughout as that hook simply catches the imagination of seeing and hearing ... 'Are you ready Steve? uh huh....' Just as well the track benefits from it's ballsy attitude of modern Rock, but check it out all you 50+ year olds out there, see if it hits you as well. 

'As The Sun Goes Down' is a belter of a song, proper Hard Rock harking back to when bike jackets 'n jeans were the uniform of the day, head-banging to the thundering assault of drums and huge slab of chuffing guitars, not a care in the world, and I'm sitting here supping on a can of Hobgoblin as I write this, trying hard not to pump my fist in the air in case the Mrs walks in, tutts and walks out again with that look on her face, that's how good this is!!


Keeping within that, 'On My Way' Rocks away for all it's worth, the guitar jabbing and pulsating as it cranks up the temperature to boiling point, as it does on the title track with apparently no thought of the listener needing a breather! This track steps, or should that be stomps it's way into The Wildhearts territory, the fast, finger-popping fretwork and uber-pounding drumming at pace literally non-stop from start to finish, metal/punk attitude with aplomb one could say! Then you get 'Dark Haired Lady'!!  Erm ... Stray Cats, The Cure, The Cramps?? This is a mish-mash of all 3 if I'm honest! A sort of Rockabilly, Gothy/Rock combo that messes with the brain and ... you can tell Halloween is nearly upon us, the freaky songs are here for all to digest the best we can, and they don't come any freakier than this at the mo, and also check out the album cover ... yikes!! Right up Beavis and Butthead's alley, this one, and definitely a different way to finish a great Rock album like this one from D'Ercole.

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Fighting
2.  Time And Time Again
3.  It's All Over Now
4.  See The Light
5.  She's A Dancer
6.  As The Sun Goes Down
7.  On My Way
8.  The Ballad Of C.L.
9.  Dark Haired Lady  


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