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Band: Dirty Shirley

Title: Dirty Shirley

Label: Frontiers Music Srl


First of all, get the name! Personally, and along with a few of my mates ... no-ooo! But, it's their choice, so nowt we can do about it, though every time I look at Shirley who I work with, I'm just glad I'm one of only 4 Rock fans there, and definitely the only one who's heard of this band, so she won't get any p-taking about it!! Secondly, the album. Well, surely as God made little apples, it's a barnstormer!! Between them, vocalist Dino Jelusic, guitarist extraordinaire George Lynch, bassist Trevor Roxx and drummer Will Hunt serve up some delicious 80's-90's flashback Rock n' Roll that no doubt will get us all in a tizz with memories that we hanker for at times, and with production duties seen to by the one and only Alessandro Del Vecchio, you know it's gonna sound good!


Take the opener 'Here Comes The King' for example, as it bursts into life on a thud of the drums n cymbals, the power it shoves out is immense, but it's the vocals that make you sit up and take notice ... Jeez ... where the hell did he get THAT voice from?! Think Ronnie James Dio mixed with David Coverdale and you're about there, Jelusic's voice is awesome! As for the guitar work ... class.  Simple as that.


The swaggering 'Dirty Blues' follows, and tell me now, how hard is it to keep still to this? That Cov texture on vocals is more prominent here, really suiting the 'picky' Blues that Lynch is serving up a treat, but you have to tip yer hat to the rhythm section here, you can virtually see the grins on their faces as they literally play with the chords and beats, bringing a fun-factor to the track ... great stuff, chaps.  Even though 'I Disappear' comes across mysteriously dark-toned, the bass still lends a rumbling groove to the song, though Lynch's slightly manic solo mid way keeps that slightly dark, creepy-ish vibe intact, Jelusic doing his bit along the way, and with a title like 'The Dying' coming next, then it should come as no surprise that said tone filters it's way into this track, though the jazz/funk intro via the bass/drum combo doesn't suggest that at all to start with, a 'half and half' track being the best to describe it. 


'Last Man Standing' is the type of song that all rock fans will be familiar with, no matter who they follow, it's one of those 'meat n' potato' Rockers for a better description, as is 'Siren Song', but at a quicker tempo and less on the solo's, yet more use of the Hammond.  'The Voice Of A Soul' has the band doing Bad Co. at their 'dirty ol' Blues/Rock' best, Jelusic sounding like he could peel your clothes off by just using his ever-so naughty tone on that voice of his, the band cool as you like, almost in 'jamming' mode as they meander along for nearly seven minutes or so, then quick as you like, the badass attitude of 'Cold' swaggers it's way in on a wanton flick of a wrist to really show who's the Daddy, so be told!  Now here's a title and a half if there was any, 'Escalator To Purgatory'! Yeah, this uber-groover really means business with it's rumbling bass hook grasping control of the song and dragging it through the sludgy feel it has, very Alice In Chains sludgyness (if there's such a word!), and you get harmonies thrown in at the end, so there ya go!


Wah-Wah alert! Yes folks. just when you think the beloved 'wah-wah' pedal was resigned to the 'Retro only bin', Lynch revives it on 'Higher', and it's like that bus that hasn't turned up, you don't get one for ages, then ... erm .. one turns up!  Also, any wannabe guitarists out there need to listen to this track, 'cos George Lynch shows us all how a fecking good guitar player REALLY should play! EVH???? Pah!!  'Omm, Omm', take a deep breath ... hold ... now exhale'! Prepare yourself to be taken on a psychedelic Asian journey of discovery with 'Grand Master', bongos, 'twangy' guitars, swirling harmonies, joss sticks ... maybes, it's all here, dipping it's toes into Electric Boys paddling pool and coming out none the worse for it.  


Great way to end a fab album, but oh that name!!!!!!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Here Comes The King
2.  Dirty Blues
3.  I Disappear
4.  The Dying
5.  Last Man Standing
6.  Siren Song
7. The Voice Of A Soul
8.  Cold
9.  Escalator To Purgatory
10. Higher
11. Grand Master


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