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Band: Dynazty

Title: Firesign

Label: AFM Records


I have to be totally honest here, I'm not a huge fan of the Operaratic / Symphonic Rock scene that seems to be absolutely HUGE out there in Rockworld, just can't take to it, so apologies to fans of that genre before I start this review, though I will give an open-minded one for the latest album from the Swedish maestro's Dynazty, ('Firesign'), not quite within that market, but on the edge at times, so here goes ... First of all, the band consists of Nils Molin (V), Love Magnusson (G), George Egg (D), Mikael Laver (G) and Jonathan Olsson (BG), who combine their talents for this, their 6th release since the band first took some kind of form in 2007, and it is one Hell of a powerful collection of songs, none more so than the full 'o pomp 'n pzazzed 'Breathe With Me', which, for me, sounds not too far off what Power Quest meets those 'E's are good' Rave band bad boys Shamen, could sound like in some far off, weird world, but we're not in one, so thankfully the crunchy guitars remind me exactly what I'm dealing with here!  


The low-slung bassline that opens 'The Grey' holds it's own right through the pulsating track, those operatic keys not as prominent this time, and what hits home to me , is how very similar Molin sounds to the late Ronnie James Dio, especially in his younger days, and it shows why Amaranthe bought him aboard to replace Jake E last year, so both bands have scored for such a fine vocalist, who really suits this style of music, shown rather grandly on the Power Metal-esqued 'In The Arms Of The Devil', and the huge, harmonic 'My Darkest Hour', both having as much energy as a 24 pack of Red Bull!!

'Ascension', kicks in like Celtic Gary Moore/Phil Lynott on a tribal drumbeat and that Celtic guitar sound before it turns into, erm ... a total 6 string / keyboard-masturbation-fest in all honesty, as the mid-section goes off on one, BIG STYLE, and that's where they lost me on this one, so thankfully along comes 'Firesign', far more vocals this time to keep me interested, a neat little Rammstein-alike key section popping in and out also going the 'biz', with the solo tearing through like a knife ... smashing stuff! Slightly more melodic in it's tone is 'Closing Doors', a pacey number with a hint of Toto 'Hold The Line' ghosting 'round the keys in parts, (or is that just me?), superb solos jabbing the track along as Molin ventures off the scale during the chorus as it builds up, that melodic taint fading a touch on the heavier, riffed to the hilt 'Follow Me', Egg's drum work exceptional as it verges on brutality in parts, standing out again as if there were two drummers during the Euro-rocker  'Let Me Dream Forever', another 'full 'o pomper' with those atmospheric keys 'n harmonies that saturate the song for all they're worth. 


'Starfall' has Molin at his closest to RJD as he could possibly get, not intentionally copying said vocalist by any means, but close your eyes and see what I mean, the wee fella making an appearance in the mind's eye whether you like it or not, and if you were to cut out some of the keys that suffocate the song, then this would be the stuff he made his own, hard 'n heavy with attitude, and a cracking chorus.  Bringing the album to it's closure is the classical, orchestral-sounding 'The Light Inside The Tunnel', very much in the vein of Magnum here, as the guitars take more of a central role from the off, those damned keys taking a backseat just that bit more for once, right until the last few seconds where they grab hold and lead the song to it's finale, and there endeth the lesson on the grandiose side of Rock that, yeah, will no doubt be absolutely great to hear live with all it's Symphonic finesse, probably the best way for me to witness it, but at home, on CD, I still find it hard going at times.  Mind you, it only took me 15 years to realise how good Slade were in their heyday, so there's still hope for me yet!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Breathe With Me
2.  The Grey
3.  In The Arms Of The Devil
4.  My Darkest Hour
5.  Ascension
6.  Firesign
7.  Closing Down
8.  Follow Me
9.  Let me Dream Forever
10. Starfall 
11. The Light Inside The Tunnel 


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