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Band: Electric Mary

Title: Mother

Label: Listenable Records

'Mother' is the fourth studio album from Melbourne Hard Rockers Electric Mary.  Oh not another AC/DC wannabe from down under I here you cry! Fear not Electric Mary are a good old school Hard Rock band that has it roots deep in the 70's and early 80's scenes, think Cream, Zeppelin, Deep Purple and the like.

The eight tracks on this album are pure bred hard rock from start to finish, and tick all the boxes as far as a modern spin on that classic rock sound that has seen a resurgence of late.

Led by the vocal might of Rusty, the band delver heads-down rock from the off with opener 'Gimme Love', as straight shooting an opener youíll ever find.  No fancy intro as it's straight into the big licks and hard hitting rock.

The rock is firing on all six as it continues with 'Hold Onto What You Got', before the tempo is brought down a touch with the excellent 'How Do You Do It'.  There's is a touch of classic Bad Company about this one with it's heavy bass groove.

The mellower tones continue with 'Sorry Baby', again I can hear Bad Co. running through this one, before it's heads-down, raise your fist in the air rock n' roll with the storming 'The Way You Make Me Feel'.

That big bass vibe is continued with 'It's All Right', which is more of a slow burner that has a riff running through it that is very reminiscent of Ted Nugentís 'Stranglehold'.

The longest track on the album coming in at just of six and a half minutes, is the dark toned 'Long Long Day'.  This one mixes Led Zep and early Sabbath in a moody almost Psychedelic undertone.

The album closes with the single and title track 'Mother' and once again the tempo is picked up big style.  This is another true bred slice of hard rock.  This is how rock sounded when guitars ruled and vocalists where heroes.

Forget your Greta Von Fleets, plug yourselves into some Electric Mary.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Gimme Love
2.  Hold Onto What You Got
3.  How Do You Do It
4.  Sorry Baby
5.  The Way You Make Me Feel
6.  It's Alright
7.  Long Long Day
8.  Woman  


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