Album Reviews
Band: Ensiferium

Title: Thalassic

Label: Metal Blade Records

You know what you are in for when listening to an Ensiferium records.  Within the first few bars, the all too familiar sound of a folk infused melo-death onslaught is about to ensue.

I do like how the Finn's have an uncanny knack for catchy hooks and anthemic chorus lines.  However, they are hardly reinventing the wheel on this latest release.

What really takes the shine away is that most of the cuts sound as if they have fallen straight out of the Ensiferium song factory.  It sounds stagnant and stale, with nothing surprising brought to the table.

Not a terrible record by any means and I am sure it will translate better live than it does in the studio.

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Seafarer's Dream
2.  Rum, Women, Victory
3.  Andromeda
4.  The Defence Of The Sampo
5.  Run From The Crushing Tide
6.  For Sirens
7.  One With The Sea
8.  Midsummer Magic
9.  Cold Northland (Vainamoinen Part III)  


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