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Band: Evergrey

Title: The Atlantic

Label: AFM Records

'The Atlantic' is the third album in the 'Hymns for the Broken' trilogy from Progressive Metallers Evergrey.  Led by Tom S Englund, the band have taken the Prog Metal genre to a whole new level with this new release.

Englund is joined by Henrik Danhage (guitar), Johan Niemann (bass), Jonas Ekdahl (drums) and Rikard Zander (keyboards), for what is another outstanding release.  The previous two albums in the trilogy rated as some of the best the band have produced and now they’ve expanded that splendour to greater heights with 'The Atlantic'.

As Englund explains ... “It’s about relationships, beauty and darkness, about fortune and grief, about love, hate, despair, joy and everything connected with it.  Life is like a journey across the ocean, on the way to distant shores.”  So what could be more apt than calling their latest recording 'The Atlantic'?

The album gets underway with the stunning 'A Silent Arc', this opener really sets out the passage that the whole album is about take.  The heavier driven bass lines of Niemann have always been at the forefront of the bands sound, but on this opener they really wraps the heavy bass lines around the tight drumming of Ekdahl to produce one of the heaviest tracks you’ll hear from the band.  Add to that Englund’s unmistakable vocals and this is a great way to open up the final chapter of the trilogy.

The heavy bass line continues with the stomping 'Weightless'.  This is very much in the vein of the two previous two albums, melodic metal with more punch than a Rocky movie.  The emotive vocals of Englund really drive home on this one, along with some great driven guitars from Danhage and Englund.

'All I Have’ builds from a haunting guitar riff into a monstrous tsunami of bass, drums and guitars, all wrapped around those phenomenal vocals.  This has a powerful lyrical message about giving the unobtainable, sharing what’s in your mind and heart. 

The tempo is picked up big style with the excellent 'A Secret Atlantis', another deep and moving song that I  think a lot of people with relate too.  We are all looking for a own Atlantis. 

The band show the diversity of the album with the stunning instrumental 'The Tidal'.  This is just sheer musical joy.  Not a lot more can be said about this track except just as the title suggests, just lie back and let its splendour wash over you.

It's back the lyrical tracks with 'End of Silence', again a true emotional roller-coaster that just sways and twist through heavy tones and monstrous beats, that have become the backbone of this trilogy from the off.

The great driven metal of 'Currents' drives this message forward even more, where the mellower tones of 'Departure' bring that haunting Evergrey element that makes the band stand out for every Progressive Metal act around today.

I don’t know what it is about this band that make me connect so much with each album, whether it is the lyrical value, the melodies or the haunting mix of today’s truths, but none hit me more on this album than 'The Beacon'.  Everyone is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and 'The Beacon' is all about that.

This tremendous album closes 'The Ocean' with it's driven bass lines and thunderous drums carrying this one.  This is an apt end to another very powerful and emotional release from Englund and the band, on which Evergrey show the world what Progressive Metal is all about. This is an album you just don’t just listen to, you absorb it and every time you listen to it, it tells you more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  A Silent Arc
2.  Weightless
3.  All I Have
4.  A Secret Atlantis
5.  The Tidal
6.  End Of Silence
7.  Currents
8.  Departure
9.  The Beacon
10. This Ocean 


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