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Band: Firewind

Title: Firewind

Label: AFM Records

Firewind's latest self titled release boasts 11 cuts of melodic power metal beats.  It also introduces new vocalist Herbie Langhans and is actually my first taste of the band.

From the onset, the overall production of this record is very polished with every beat, vocal and chord sounding crystal clear.  Unsurprising, the star of the show is Gus G's staggering levels of musicality that compensates for the lack-lustre compositions.  

'Breakaway' and 'Welcome To The Empire' tread well beaten paths, while more rock orientated numbers such as 'Space Cowboy' does little to impress.  Diamonds in the rough emerge in the form of 'Perfect Stranger' and 'Overdrive', both of which are packed with great riffs and sensational solos that are simply irresistible.

Although not for me, anyone who has reveled in Gus G's / Firewind's musical exploits will certainly enjoy this release. 

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Welcome To The Empire
2.  Devour
3.  Rising Fire
4.  Break Away
5.  Orbitual Sunrise
6.  Longing To Know You
7.  Perfect Stranger
8.  Overdrive
9.  All My Life
10. Space Cowboy  
11. Kill The Pain 


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