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Band: Firmo

Title: Rehab

Label: Street Symphonies Records & Burning Minds Music Group


'Rehab' is the first solo album from Italian singer / songwriter Gianluca Firmo, who is joined for the album by Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (backing vocals), Mattia "Noise Maker" Tedesco (guitar), Nicola Iazzi (bass) and Daniele Valseriati (drums), along with an array of guest artists that include Paul Laine, Mario Percudani,m Stefano Zeni, Carlo Poddighe, Pier Mazzini, Andrea Cinelli and Alessandro Moro.

So is the sum of the parts equal to what's been put down on record? You bet your life it is!  'Rehab' is a great modern feeling Melodic / AOR album that gets right into the melodic rock from the off with opener 'A Place For Judgement Day'.  A real upbeat opener that highlights perfectly the quality of Firmoís song writing abilities.  For those not familiar with the man I would suggest checking out the 2015 Room Experience album, although David Readman mans the vocals on that album, the quality of song writing is on par.

The album continues its melodic rock path with 'Heart of Stone', which has a touch of Country about it, that really gives the album a bit of an organic feel to it.

The tempo is brought down with the first of the ballads 'Shadows And Lights', a gentle slow burner that really gives Firmo a chance to expand his vocal range.  Then it's time for a little AOR with the excellent 'Maybe Forever', before bringing out the big guns for the stunning 'No Prisoners'.

But if ballads are you cup of tea then you have to check out 'Didnít Wanna Care',Ē a track that will melt even the hardest of hearts, but if it's the more traditional Melodic Rock you're after then 'Unbreakable' is for you.  This song has an almost Flamenco Rock feel about it.  'Donít Dare To Call It Love' will have you jumping up to check your CD player, as this opens with a old vinyl start of scratches, but soon switches to CD quality.  A really good mid-tempo rocker, before it's back to the ballads with the bluesy driven 'Cowboys Once, Cowboys Forever'.

The title track 'Rehab' see's the return to the rockier side of the album.  This is a reflection of modern life, where stepping out of the norm is your 'Rehab'.  'Until Forever Comes' is a swooping guitar filled slice of modern AOR wrapped around a great vocal, before the album closer 'Everything', which is another superb ballad that is the perfect cherry on the top of the cake to close out what is a great release.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  A Place For Judgement Day
2.  Heart Of Stone
3.  Shadows And Lights
4.  Maybe Forever
5.  No Prisoners
6.  Didn't Wanna Care
7.  Unbreakable
8.  Don't Dare To Call It Love
9.  Cowboys Once, Cowboys Forever
10.  Rehab 
11. Until Forever Comes
12. Everything


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