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Band: Harry Scott Elliott

Title: Night of the Blue Moon

Label: Independent Release


Sooo, best known for his six string duties in the female-fronted band Kane'd, I've known young Harry since I saw Kane'd support House Of Lords at the Corporation, Sheffield in 2009. Little did I know back then, he would continue to perfect his craft and become somewhat of a guitar virtuoso.  

Going from being the guitarist in a band to recording an instrumental album is a big leap, but considering his guitar work and production duties on the Kane'd albums then this young man has the confidence to make that step.  

The album kicks off with "Chill Bro", as Harry eases the listener into Satriani/Vai territory, weaving shapes and colours across the opening track. 

"Night of the Blue Moon" with the guitar cutting through and Harry showing how far he has come along in 10 years, there's a dexterity to the guitar work throughout this CD.  

The next song up is "Trapped In Melody", this is the albums standout track as Harry enlists girlfriend and bandmate Chez Kane to lay her soaring vocals over this tune. It also features Chris Green from Tyketto sharing guitar duties and tearing the fretboard apart.  

"Psycho Circus Monkey" features a favourite guitarist of mine, Jimi Bell from House of Lords, the pair of them taking part in what I would call "the shredding wars". It shows the quality of Harry's work that he can persuade guitarists of such magnitude to play on your inaugural release.  

 Remember Mr Big and Eddie Van Halen using drills as the opening to tracks.......well on here we have THE HOOVER!!!!! "Suck This", sees Harry experimenting a bit, it has groove, noodling and domestic appliances LOL!!!!. It's a Hoover Groover!!!!!

Next up is "Clap Along", listen closely or otherwise you will lose your track, Dream Theaterish time changes that grab your attention.. 

When I saw the title of the next song "The Meat Eating Vegetable", visions of Frank Zappa sprang to mind, but you have to remember Vai was in Zappa's band and Harry can do Vai stuff no problem. Definitely in the Vai/Satriani vein as Harry launches into the solo.  

And so we reach the albums final track, "Cloud Eight & Nine Tenths" bit of a synth intro before Harry lets his fingers work the fretboard. There’s a warmth in the guitar work, showing Harry's talent with less heavy riffing.

Harry has a lot to be proud of with what he’s achieved on this CD, writing, recording, mixing the whole shebang and getting two virtuoso guitarists to lend a hand. 

Review by: Dave Brass



1.  Chill Bro
2.  Night of the Blue Moon
3.  Trapped in Melody
4.  Psycho Circus Monkey
5.  Suck This
6.  Clap Along
7. The Meat Eating Vegetable
8.  Cloud Eight & NIne Tenths  


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