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Band: Heaven's Trail

Title: Lethal Mind

Label: Escape Music

Heaven's Trail are a new German Metal band formed by Barish Kepic (Jaded Heart), along with fellow Jaded member Michael Mullier, plus Masterplan members Kevin Kott and vocalist Rick Altzi.

Bringing together the might of Jaded Heart and Masterplan is just pure Metal alchemy, the two musical styles have resulted in an awesome project.

The album opens in true teutonic style with the massive title track ‘Lethal Mind’, a great opener for what turns out to be a quite outstanding album.  Altzi delivers that trademark monster vocal that has been the back bone of Masterplan since he took over the vacant mike spot.  The powerhouse rhythm section really bring the big guns to the opener, while Kepic just throws out the licks like it’s the fourth of July.

This monstrous opus continues with excellent ‘Too Late’, again riff fuelled Heavy Metal that has been the back bone of the German Metal scene since the 80’s.

The tempo is brought down just a touch with the excellent ‘Changes’.  This is a powerful mid-tempoed metaller that paves the way for storming no holds barred rockers ‘Carousel’ and the darker ‘Feed My Soul’.

There is a touch of 70’s classic rock mixed with some more modern metal with ‘On The Rise’, a real barnstormer of a track that will have you rocking along from the off.

‘The Flame’ is pure modern Metal of the highest calibre.  There’s enough scope for the new Metal fans and the diehard fans to enjoy about this one.  It's hard to pick one standout track from the album as they all have their own pros, but for me it has to be the fantastic ‘Walking in the Shadow’, this one has something about it, that appeals to the Old School Metal fan in me.  Maybe it’s the riffs, maybe it’s the pounding rhythm section or the super vocals, either way this one just oozes class.

The album brings in a little bluesy element with ‘Voodoo’, but this is just a little bluesy element as the track soon builds into a great slab of modern Heavy Metal.

The band unleash an epic element to the album with the wonderful ‘King Of Pain’, before the album closes with another great slab of metal with ‘Simplified’, which rounds off a great album.

Escape Music have definitely hit on gold with this release.  Four titans of Metal have come together to produce a really great album. 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Lethal Mind
2.  Too Late
3.  Changes
4.  Carousel
5.  Feed My Soul
6.  On The Rise
7. The Flame
8. Walking In The Shadows
9. Voodoo 
10. King Of Pain 
11. Simplified 


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