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Band: Inglorious

Title: We Will Ride

Label: Frontiers Music Srl


So, what do you do when, after you've made you're latest album and organised a tour round it, 3 members of the band walk away? Well, apart from panic and be slightly pissed off (an understatement!!), Nathan James and Phil Beaver, the two remaining members of British Rockers Inglorious, just rolled their sleeves up, bought in 3 new members that had the same dreams for the band, completed the tour, then in the middle of this bleedin' Covid lockdown, went into the studio and set about recording what is most likely the best Rock album this year, that's what!! 

Oh yes, people, Inglorious have definitely come up trumps on 'We Will Ride', a hard rockin' album that takes no prisoners from the opener 'She Won't Let You Down', a thumping, ballsy affair that is full of attitude, whether it be from Nathan's 'take no crap' vocals, or the thudding drumming from Phil that really stands out here, which continues on into 'Messiah'.  Nathan's quieter vocals not letting on that the song is set to explode further on down the line, which it does with the no punches pulled riffage from guitarists Danny De La Cruz and Dan Stevens.  Yet don't underestimate the throbbing bass that carries the song along it's journey, so take a bow Vinnie Colla!!  'Medusa' screams out to be played live, as that slide intro will get everyone moving with it's Southern Rock vibe,
the wah-wah simply adding fuel to the fire that is going on around the band on this storming track, yet it does get dampened down as 'Eye Of The Storm' gently nudges it's way in on a tender vocal/guitar combo, though the song as a whole ebbs and flows as a ballad come rocker as it goes along.

Again, don't be fooled by the quiet intro to 'Cruel Intentions', as it suddenly bursts into a hard/melodic chugger that has Nathan hitting the notes that most of us ever dream of getting near, unless the zip on our jeans give us a hand (!!).  Once more those drums seem so prominent on this track, yet all the instruments seem 'there', not one of them sounds as if they've been taken down a bit in the mix, which makes this album sound musically perfect ... not forgetting the vocals either, Nathan!!  

With 'My Misery', Rob Lindop comes to the fore on 'My Misery', as his keys play an important part on this emotional powerhouse of a song.  It's almost crossing over as a personal message from Nathan himself, though after what he's been through lately, I wouldn't be surprised if it was, so listen carefully to the hard-nosed stomper 'Do You Like It' and see if there's a message in there as well!! It's all about the riffs on the 'in your face' belter 'He Will Provide', where the band have 'a moment' mid way through and get 'proggy' for a bit as the sound reverberates rather chillingly for a few seconds, but it's very effective at the same time.  Though there's no such 'moment' anywhere during 'We Will Meet Again', it's all gung-ho on guitars, drums and those impressive pipes of Mr. James as expected ... Rock On, Tommy. 

It's time for the twin guitars to play against each other during 'God Of War', each sounding like they're taking turn on lead as the song goes along, showing how good Danny and Dan are and how well the original two members have done to get them to join the crusade, as it seems the 3 new members have bought a new lease of life to Inglorious, judging by this melodic gem, and of course the rest of the album, let us not forget, and this great album ends with the tales of a past History amid much Rockery, on the electric mandolins and tub-thumpery on said pig-skinned drums my Lords and Ladies, and for the final time, Nathan and his chantery is second to none!! 
It should come to no-ones surprise if and when 'We Will Ride' is voted BEST ROCK ALBUM of the year, and it will be thoroughly deserved, so a mega 'WELL DONE INGLORIOUS', you've just proved to us all that Rock ain't dead after all ... you hear that, Gene! 

On a personal note, to all of you who went on line and literally slagged Inglorious and certain members of the band off, you are NOT Rock fans, you don't belong to our community as we are a tolerant fan base when it comes to colour, gender and religion.  So take note ... you are not wanted or welcome and will not be accepted as true Rock fans, so stay away, you are a disgrace!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  She Won't Let You Go
2.  Messiah
3.  Medusa
4.  Eye Of The Storm
5.  Cruel Intentions
6.  My Misery
7.  Do You Like It
8.  He Will Provide
9.  We Will Meet Again  
10. God Of War 
11. We Will Ride  


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