Album Reviews
Band: Joe Satriani

Title: What Happens Next

Label: Sony / Legacy Recordings


Regarded by most as the guitar player’s guitar player, Joe Satriani is without a doubt the most commercially successful solo guitar player of our time.

Now 2018 not only sees the birth of his sixteenth solo studio release, but also the demise of one of his alien persona’s Shockwave Supernova.  A persona that Satriani thought was taking over.  This was documented by his son Zachariah entitled 'Beyond the Supernova', which featured at last years Mill Valley Film Festival last October

With this new album and rebirth you need a guiding hand to see you through those early steps and what better pairing than Glen Hughes and Chad Smith, as they add that solid foundation for this new album, aptly entitled ‘What Happens Next’.

This new opus is regarded as Satriani’s most accessible to date.  From the opener ‘Energy’, the feel of rockier edge is here for all to hear.  A blistering slice of six string fuelled rock, made the more edgier by the cohorts Hughes and Smith superb rhythm section.

The high edges rock come pouring out of every pore of the album with the likes of ‘Catbot’, the superb ‘Thunder High On The Mountain’, the stomping ‘Headrush’ and the rousing ‘Invisible’.

The album also has its mellower bluesy moments, with songs like the current single ‘Cherry Blossoms’, the mood filled ‘Righteous’, the haunting ‘Smooth Soul’ and album closer ‘Forever and Forever'.  If you like things a little funky then check out the seven minute splendour of 'Super Funky Badass’.

All in all, another great album for the man and from the guitar player who just keeps on reinventing not just himself, but the whole instrumental guitar genre. 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Energy
2.  Catbot
3.  Thunder High On The Mountain
4.  Cherry Blossoms
5.  Righteous
6.  Smooth Soul
7.  Headrush
8.  Looper
9.  What Happens Next
10. Super Funky Badass  
11. Invisible 
12. Forever And Ever


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