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Band: Last In Line

Title: II

Label: Frontiers Music S.R.L.


Last In Line was formed in 2011, when Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain and Vivian Campbell, (Ronnie James Dioís co-conspirators and co-writers on the 'Holy Diver', 'Last In Line' albums, the album from which they took their name, and 'Sacred Heart' albums) teamed up with esteemed vocalist Andrew Freeman.

As a big fan of Freeman, having seen him at numerous Raiding the Rock Vaults in Vegas, I knew of his pedigree as a vocalist and knew he'd be the perfect fit for this new band, as the debut album 'The Crown' showed.

Now in 2019, the much anticipated sophomore release is here.  Simply entitled 'II', the new album takes up where the debut left off.

After the intro the album really starts to take shape with the opener and single 'Blackout the Sun'.  A ballsy opening barrage of drums and big bass lines courtesy of Vinny Appice and Phil Soussan respectively, but when Vivian Campbell unleashes those towering licks and then Freeman adds his vocals, the final piece of the jigsaw is complete and track really explodes.

The album continues with 'Landslide', which is not as heavy as to opener, but is still as powerful a hard rocker that shows this band may live under the Ronnie James legacy, but they are a horse of a different colour and a real rock n' roll band in their own right.

It's on with the album with a little touch of bluesy rock with 'Gods and Tyrants', before rocking out once more with the storming 'Year of the Gun'.  A fast paced rocker that really gets these old bones moving.

The hard rocking continues with 'Give Up The Ghost', which is where Freeman really brings out the angst in his vocals.  There is true emotion in this one.  Then we take a step into 'The Unknown' with this somewhat grungy, almost stoner rocker, before unleashing a touch of classic rock with the stunning 'Sword From The Stone'.

It's back to the heavier side of the album with 'Electrified', as the title illustrates, this is a real slab of great rock n' roll and Campbellís solo mid-track is just superb.

One of my many favourite tracks off the album has to be the blues soaked 'Love And War', then it's hard n' heavy with the dark vibes of 'False Flag', before the album closes in style with the excellent ballad 'The Light'.  All in all one of best second albums Iíve heard for a long time.  Let's hope they journey across the pond again to do some shows over here in the UK, because I for one can't wait to hear these songs live.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Intro
2.  Black Out The Sun
3.  Landslide
4.  Gods And Tyrants
5.  Year Of The Gun
6.  Give Up The Ghost
7.  The Unknown
8.  Sword From The Strong
9.  Electrified
10. Love And War 
11. False Flag 
12. The Light 


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