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Band: Legion

Title: Rising

Label: Rock Company Records

Well, there's one word that describe Phil Vincent and his output of work, either be it his solo career or with his other collaborations, and that is PHENOMENAL! Sweet Jesus of Nazareth, the fella has just released his 21 ... yeah ... I.S.Y.N. ... his 21 solo album recently, Cranston II has also recently seen the light of day, Trajik ... D'Ercole ... I mean, does he ever get a rest?  Apparently not, as now Legion have resurfaced, with Phil on vocal duty, Andy Pierce on drums, bassist Gavin Cooper, keyboards via Irvin Parratt and guitarist Vince O'Regan ( 3 former members of Bob Catley's solo backing band!) and they have bought us 'Rising', and oh boy, is this gonna Rock the Holy C outta you lot! Heavy isn't the word here, Obese would be better to get the point across, 'cos from the opening assault of frenetic drumming, rumbling bass, then the mayhemic riff on 'Nothin' To Me', I think we'll all know what's in store! 

Now I know riffs are sometimes described as 'meaty', but there are some real Bison-sized buggers going on here, 'Found Out The Hard Way' 'Full Moon Rising' and the anti-establishment anthem 'Politician' leading the way, each one packed to the hilt with enough power to keep Gateshead lit up for the next year or so! 


The lads hold themselves back just a tad on 'Got A Line On You', the catchy rhythm a real head-nodder than a head-banger, up the ante a notch on the W.A.S.P.-ish 'How Does It Feel', it's 80's 'Hair Metal' vibe a great flashback to some great times (not the Slade one, mind you!), but for me, the best song on the album. 'Shame On You' is a rip-snorting lesson on how Classic Hard Rock should be done, the powerhouse rhythm section/ chugging riffage, combo, flaying solo thrown in for good measure, and the powerful vocals with hints of harmonies playing their part as well. What more does a 57 year old Rock fan need??!! 

There are two slower tracks to enjoy along the way, well slower in it's intro for  'Maybe Now', which picks up the tempo here and there to give the track a boost when needed, and is another fine example of Legion's take on 80's Classic Rock, then we get the eerie 'Lost Soul', it's single cymbal tap and dark, chilling guitar sound that dominates the track raising the hairs on your neck as it creeps into your head and stays there....ideal timing seeing as Halloween is just round the corner ... whooooo!!! It may have the same name as an FM song, but 'Only The Strong Survive' from Legion is far more heavier, ballsy and simply kick-ass than Steve O's band song , the chugging riff, aggressive drumbeat and foundation-shaking bass having much more 'ooomph' to it, going up to 11 you could say, though I still do like FM's song as well, honest Guv!! 


And there we have it people, Legion are back with an album that Rocks with that capital R, and if you had any sense at all, you'll be checking this one out asap, you know it makes sense!! 

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Nothin' To Me
2.  Full Moon Rising
3.  Maybe Now
4.  How Does It Feel
5.  Got A Line On You
6.  Politician
7.  Only The Strong Survive
8.  Shame On You
9.  Found Out The Hard Way
10.  Lost Soul


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