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Band: Lonerider

Title: Attitude

Label: Escape Music

That Melodic Rock magician has gone and done it again, ain't he?! Yes dear readers, Steve Overland's latest quest, with the ever sought after bassist, Chris Childs (Thunder), former Wildfire band mate Simon Kirke and ex Export/Heartland guitarist Steve Morris, have combined their talents in the 'band' Lonerider to produce the marvelous album 'Attitude', which will no doubt have this genres fans claggy at the crotch in excitement while bending their ears to it! 

The tearing riff that opens the floodgates to proceedings sets the tone on 'My Imagination', upbeat and grooved to the max for full effect for the first track, swiftly followed by 'Lonerider' that simply skips along like a kid who's just been given an ice lolly from the ice cream man and is as happy as a pig in it's own ... !! The song is very much in the FM vein, uber Melodic and smooth, probably felt more towards that because of the vocalist, but hey, so what, it's a cracking track! Bringing the tempo down a tad, 'Hard Heart To Break' simmers away on a bluesy/rock vibe, Steve's lush vocals heartfelt from the beginning, helped along with backing harmonies flitting in here and there for full effect, and the solo of the week from Morris hitting the bull, as he does with the bluesy slide on the runaway tempo'd 'Fast Train', Kirke's pounding drumbeat at the fore here, pushing the track along the rails at breakneck speed (for this lot anyway!).

Echoes from the past begin to flow through 'Wanted Man', possibly because it has a similarity to Bad Co. at their very Rock/balladesque, maybes Kirke's influence filtering in here, as that blues/western feel is very much like the 70's gem 'Bad Company', though I doubt that this was recorded under a full moon, and I don't think for one moment that 'Yesterday Heroes' was either, as it's happy-go-lucky melody and harmonies let the sun shine through, giving the listener a warm, fuzzy feeling in the head.  Back to the more groovalicious side to this bunch on the foot-stomper 'Angel Without Wings', Kirke once more slightly dominant on the skins, though Chris C pushes him all the way on his bass, a quiet man he may usually be, but once that bass is strapped round his shoulder, ya bugger, he shows us exactly what he's made of! I mean, check out 'Rock & Roll Dreamer', it's a case of 'I will lead, you just follow', as his bass-lines flows along with a gentle firmness as not to overpower but be made aware of, so there! Just an afterthought, listen to the lyrics carefully ... 'Shooting Star' anyone?!  

One In A Million' kicks off with a duelled guitar riff before setting off on a rocket-fuelled journey to Rocksville Avenue, definitely the harder-edged track on the album, gritty guitars, thudding drums n bass, and Steve O pushed to the limit on vocals, as if he's about to wrestle an Action Man, he sounds that ... 'up for it-ish'! Gan on me son!! That 'rough round the edges' feel lingers on through 'Gimme Your Love', the lads certainly taking the fight to the track, the chanted chorus battling between a 70's and up to date Rock hook that will (hopefully) have fans joining in with if this band ever try and play live shows?? Ooh, Bad Co. down to a T here on 70's - fused bluesy-rocker 'Rhythm Of Life', especially on the intro, (Can't Get Enough!!), and let me tell you, what a cracking song it is regardless 'cos this gets the juices flowing no problem whatever era in Rock you prefer, just add touches of soul, catchability and heaps of rifferama to a pot and 'hey presto' ... life seems oh so good, don't it, and which B-end says you're too old to Rock?? PAH!!  

'Heart & Soul' brings the album to a close on a steady Melodic note, proving once again that no matter what the young un's today are listening to, the cream always rises to the top, you can't beat experience, there's life in the old dog yet and whatever other sayings you can use to explain just how good this album by Lonerider is, feel free to add here!!!!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  My Imagination
2.  Lonerider
3.  Hard Heart To Break
4.  Fast Train
5.  Wanted Man
6.  Yesterday Heroes
7.  Angel Without Wings
8.  Rock & Roll Dreamer
9.  One In A Million 
10. Gimme Your Love
11.  Rhythm Of Life 
12. Heart & Soul


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