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Band: Luke Appleton

Title: How Does It Feel To Be Alive?

Label: Rocksector Records

Not only is Luke Appleton the bassist for power metal heavy weights Iced Earth, but also splits his duties as rhythm guitarist for Britain’s hottest classic metal act ‘Absolva’.  Notwithstanding his busy schedule commitments, Luke has found time to record his own 4 track EP titled ‘How Does It Feel To Be Alive?’ 

Standing at 16 minutes in length, the four compositions demonstrate that Luke is a fine songwriter in his own right. The title track is an uplifting number that works well acoustically and would easily fit in with a full ensemble.  Subsequent numbers ‘The Fear is Alive’ and ‘Three Eyed Crow’ flex their muscles on catchy choruses and tasteful musical passages. Closing out the EP, ‘The Sounds of Liberty’ follows suit with a final dose of heavy hitting choruses and rich melodies.  

What I like about this release is that although the use of instrumentation is sparse (voice and acoustic guitar), it doesn’t feel like it is lacking or empty.  Also, through Luke’s years working with Fury UK, Absolva and now Iced Earth, this has had a profound influence on his own songwriting.  The four compositions are catchy as hell and packed with praiseworthy melodies powerful choruses.  

Overall, a cracking EP and worth checking out! \m/

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  How Does It Feel To Be Alive
2.  The Fear Is Alive
3.  Three Eyed Crow
4.  The Sound Of Liberty


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