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Band: Nazarath

Title: Tattooed On My Brain

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

When it comes to standing the test of time, no one can argue that Scotland’s Nazareth aren’t one of those bands.  Here we have a band celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and with this comes the band’s 24th studio album.  Yes folks that’s right, 24th!   

In a world where music has become a throw away commodity with today’s youth, the older rock fans still are keeping this music alive and Nazareth are showing the new breed of bands that longevity is real thing.

The band new album ‘Tattooed on My Brain’ is purebred Nazareth and the first to feature new vocalist Carl Sentance (ex-Persian Risk, Don Airey), who has the big boots of Dan McCafferty to fill after he left the band in 2014.  Sentance joins guitarist Jimmy Murrison, drummer Lee Agnew and founding member Pete Agnew on Bass for an album that sure has plenty of kick and energy to it.

The album may not have McCafferty at the helm but Sentance is the perfect replacement, as he keeps that same classic rock vocal running throughout the album, as opener ‘Never Dance With The Devil’ really shows.

The classic Nazareth feel continues with the storming title track and the current single the ballsy ‘State of Emergency’.  Other great tracks include the excellent funky rocker ‘Pole to Pole’, the bluesy ‘The Secret is Out’ and the pumped up rocker ‘Crazy Molly’ just to name a few.   

Guns N' Roses once included a cover of Nazareth's 'Hair of the Dog' on their album 'The Spaghetti Incident', well believe me, when they hear this little beauty of a release they'll be wishing they could cover some of these tracks as well!

Like the big man from Nazareth himself, the band have risen once again and are ready to spread the word, Nazareth are back and ready to rock!

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Never Dance With The Devil
2.  Tattooed On My Brain
3.  State Of Emergency
4.  Rubik's Romance
5.  Pole To Pole
6.  Push
7.  The Secret Is Out
8.  Don't Throw Your Love Away
9.  Crazy Mind
10. Silent Symphony  
11. What Goes Around
12. Change
13. You Call Me


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