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Band: Palace

Title: Binary Music

Label: Frontiers Music srl

‘Binary Music’ is the second album from Sweden’s Palace, a band that is part of Frontiers New Breed bands, where the label recognised young talent and brings them forward. 

This second release takes up where the debut ‘Master Of The Universe’ left off, but with the new album, Michael Palace plays all of the instruments apart from the drums, which are played by the mighty Daniel Flores, who also aided Michael on the production of the album, with only Oscar Bromvall providing the guitar solo on ‘Julia’.

Although Michael is still regarded as a youngster for this genre of music, he has taken his experience working with a number of different artists since the debut Palace album, including First Signal, Adrenaline Rush, Reach, Erika, Houston, Find me, Gutterdamerung, Big Time and Mihjenko Matijevic to name but a few, so now he's put all that collaborative knowledge together, to produce what is a really modern melodic hard rock album, that nods the past but also embraces today’s music scene. 

From the opener and title track ‘Binary Music’, you can almost taste the quality behind this album.  Take tracks like ‘Nothing Personal’ that scream out to the soundtracks of the 80’s and the hard edged ‘Dangerous Ground’ that has all the makings of a modern classic. 

This album has it all and will surely make Palace one of the bands to watch out for in 2019.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Binary Music
2.  Tears Of Gaia
3.  Nothing Personal
4.  Promised Land
5.  Love Songs
6.  Dangerous Grounds
7.  Queen Of The Prom
8.  Who's Counting Time
9.  Julia
10. To Have And To Hold



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