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Band: Phil Vincent

Title: Hypocrite

Label: Independent Release


Ah, now here we are! As in the last instance, there's nothing as good as being on holiday and when you step through the front door, lo and behold, that special package is lying in waiting for you (or me to be exact!), the latest album by the one and only Mr. Phil Vincent, one of the hardest workers in Rock music as we know it.

Excitedly I open the package, and there in my hands I hold 'Hypocrite', and without even putting it on a player, I know I won't be disappointed, simply because when it comes to my pal Phil, I never have been with his work, so how does this album fare then? Well, this is actually his 21st, read that again folks, 21ST solo album, and it shows us the many sides of his musical attributes within Rock, from the Melodic side, shown perfectly on the keyboard-led 'Back In The Day', Phil's vocals as comfortable as a pair of new slippers, with enough cutting guitar work to add it's ounce of 'oomph' just at the right moments, as has 'Long Way Down', more on the meatier side, but still having touches of the keys floating around in the background, and then, with a hint of a shuffle, 'What Might Have Been' ...shuffles along nicely! 

Of course, you wouldn't have a Phil album without the ballsy Rockers, would you? Hell no, and the man does not disappoint when it comes to the opening track 'Broken', the pulsating tempo kicks in from the word 'Go', not holding up for an instance with frenetic, intense riffage dominating the track, 'Nobody's Gonna Miss You' could easily be a Motley Crue song as the guitar is very similar to the Mick Mars sound that held their tunes together, though that sharp, jabbing keyboard is more Phil's kinda thing.

Now is it just me, or has Mr.Vincent been listening to Scissor Sisters recently? The reason I'm asking is all because of the dance/rock orientated corker 'Caught In The Act'! I sh*t you not, this is a corker of a song, as it will get you shaking what your Momma gave you, 'cos this butt-wiggler grooves like a bugger, even with the riffs 'n solo hoyed in, it is made to get you moving dudes, and as if to say 'I ain't finished there either', in pops 'Never Enough', the bassline and keys very familiar........80's American Radio Rock ... yeah .. Survivor ... 'American Heartbeat' with that dancey groove going on again! Get the spandex and headbands out, you've pulled! Marvellous, Phil ...l ove 'em!! 

'Prima Donna' hits the 70's New Wave button (for me) with it's raw riff and snappy drumbeat, Phil pulling no punches in his lyrics either, and there's one Hell of a solo that rips away like there's no tomorrow which raises the hairs on your arms as it soars n' soars n' soars ... yeah ... that good, so keep your lugs ready for the corker that pummels 'Time Will Tell', this dueled guitar monster treats the listener like a punch bag as it's one of those powerhouse tracks which just hammers away at you 'til you raise your hands in submission....but you still like it, don't cha!!

With the pedal effect on the guitars and tribal-like drumbeat, 'Untitled' is quite hypnotic in a 60's psychedelic vibe, really laid back and almost gentle in delivery compared to the other songs, which makes this track really stand out, only to be bought back into 80's Rock mode with 'Waste Of Time' opening with it's careful, low key strumming before the riff of all riffs explodes in and were off into Michael Schenker territory  and all those memories of youth flood in ... Mayfair anyone?? Cheers Phil. 

One song that doesn't really float my boat is the title track 'Hypocrite', a harsh, Industrial Rock styled (maybes?) mayhem-athon with those guttural screams and electronic, snapping beats that a certain Mr. Manson is a tried and tested fan of, or used to be ... still, sorry Phil, this one ain't for me, bud, though as I mentioned at the beginning, it's a sign of one of your many attributes, and that's what's important in the long run.

A big 'well done chaps' is also on the cards for the fantastic guitar work from Peter Cox and Vince O' Regan, as i'm sure Phil is over the moon with your contribution on this cracking album, and personally I will be playing those dance-orientated songs 'til the cows come home. Studio 54, here I come!!

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1.  Broken
2.  Back In The Day
3.  What Might Have Been
4 . Nobody's Gonna Miss You 
5.  Waste Of Time
6.  Caught In The Act
7.  Long Way Down
8.  Time Will Tell
9.  Untitled
10. Prima Donna
11.  Never Enough  
12. Hypocryte



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