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Band: Salty Dog

Title: Lost Treasure

Label: Escape Music

It's been some time coming, but now the sophomore album form L.A. Rockers Salty Dog is here.  The band of Jimmi Bleacher, Scott Lane, Michael Hannon and Khurt Maier released their debut album ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ back in 1990, but sadly the band were one of the many to suffer at the hands of the Grunge era.  However now the name of Salty Dog are back with their aptly titled new opus ‘Lost Treasure’. 

For this album the line-up consists of Darrel Beach on vocals and Pete Reveen on guitars, joined original members Maier and Hannon, and what a combination they make!  Bringing the Salty Dog name back with a bang.

The album has that gritty bluesy feel of the debut as the band have said .. “the songs on this album should have been released many moons ago”  ... “The music is bad-ass and has lots of attitude”. 

The album kicks off with this ‘Damned if I Do’ and instantly you're swept back to the riff filled kick-ass blues filled hard rock that the debut was crammed packed with.  Beach has that harsh vocal style that carries that Salty Dog sound that made them stand out from the crowd back in the 90’s.

The album continues with the rip snorting rocker ‘I Need More’, another kick-ass rocker with more groove than should be legal, before the aptly titled ‘Walk Softly’, featuring a more gentle refrain, but still with loads of those swanky blues vibes.

It's back to the raw hard rocking with ‘Open Sezme’, a real Aladdin’s cave of grooved filled rock treasures, then its all change once more with the humble melodic tones of 'Mission on a Hill', where Beach shows off his gentle side.  The blues comes thick and fast with the Hard Southern stylings of 'All That Glitters’, before switching gear with the almost funky feel of ‘Woman Scorned’. 

Reveen picks up the banjo for the swamp rocker ‘Honeysuckle Wind’, before the hard rock comes back with a vengeance with 'Didju' and the blues filled rocker ‘Old Fashioned Love’.

The album closes in style with the excellent ballad ‘When Fools Rush In’.  Another great blues filled rock to wrap up an album well worth the wait.  Another gem of a release from Escape Music. 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Damned If I Do
2.  I Need More
3.  Walk Softly
4.  Open Sezme
5.  Mission On A Hill
6.  All That Glitters
7.  Woman Scorned
8.  Honeysuckle Wind
9.  Didju
10. Old Fashioned Love  
11. When Fools Rush In


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