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Band: Sideburn

Title: #Eight

Label: Fastball Music

In a rock world where longevity seems to be throw aside for the ready made hit, some bands still are producing great music and keeping true to their roots, one band that are still kicking some serious ass after some 20 years are Swiss rockers Sideburn.

'#Eight' as you can surmise from the title, is the bands 8th studio album and once again show this band continue to bring us top quality riff filled rock n' roll.  Led by frontman and founding member Roland Pierrehumbert, the album is kick-ass rock n' roll of the highest order and definitely shows just why this band deserve some serious international attention from the rock community.

Things get underway with ‘All The While’ and instantly the riff driven rock comes at you like a runway train.  Think AC/DC meets Krokus, the band continue on those rock n' roll rails with the excellent ‘Call Me A Doctor’.

Their groove filled rocker ‘Turn Away’ takes over with a little bluesy tone to proceedings, before the full blown blues rocker ‘Drop Zone’, which will have your feet tapping right from the very start.

The blues driven rock continues with the excellent ‘Get Your Ride On’, before bringing back the true blues hard rocking with ‘No More Room In Hell’.

The Swiss may be known for the Chocs and their Clocks, but Sideburn show they can not half rock!  As the blues filled rocker ‘Driving On The Main Line’ clearly shows, this band know how to play some mean old bad to the bone rock n' roll.

It's rocking all the way to the finish with ‘Give Me A Sign’ and the Southern rocker ‘Long Road To Nowhere’, before unleashing pure Hard Rock gold with ‘Save Your Soul’.

You'd think after ten great rockers the band would close the album there, but fear not, they keep the rocking going strong with the groove monster ‘Got To Move On’, before unleashing a great cover, as they put their own spin on the Motorhead classic ‘No Class’.

The album closes with a bonus track ‘Wings of Liberty’, another great bluesy rocker that is a great way to close off an album, that is as mighty a slab of rock as Monte Rosa itself.  The album might be entitled eight, but for me it’s definitely a ten out of ten.

Do yourself a favour and check these guys out, well worth a listen if you're not familiar with them already.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  All The Whole 
2.  Call Me A Doctor
3.  Turn Away
4.  Drop Zone
5.  Get You Ride On
6.  No More Room In Hell
7.  Driving On The Main Line
8.  Give Me A Sign
9.  Long Road Paradise
10.  Save Your Soul 
11. Got To Move On 
12. No Class 
13. Wings Of Liberty


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