Album Reviews
Band: Signal Red

Title: Under The Radar

Label: Escape Music


Signal Red is a new band with some very familiar names in its line-up.  First up leading the vocal charge is Lee Small (Shy, Lionheart and much much more), on the guitar front we have Steve Grocott (Sevendayz), on drums David Anthony (Dennis DeYoung), and last but by no means least, on bass Brian J Anthony (Steve Walsh), who also lent his expertise behind the desk as well as on bass duties.

The band first came into being around 2013, but due to Grocott joining Ten for a few shows and appearing on the bands new album, and Lee as ever in demand, the project was set to one side.

But now its all systems go, with the new album set to send the right waves around the genre when released.

Thing's get underway with ‘Defiant’, a first class opener this one hits the mark from the off.  A rip roaring rocker to open up the album, Small is at his vocal best.  His soaring vocals really are the icing on the Rock cake, while the massive rhythms of Anthony’s and the superb guitar work of Grocott, all go to make the ultimate statement of intention for the rest of the album.

The hard rocking continues with the superb ‘Houdini’, keeping the high energy going, as does the next one ‘Stronger’.  Another great riff and rhythm fuelled slice of Hard Rock.

The tempo is brought down just a notch or two with 'Tell It to the Bees’.  This is where Small really shows what a great vocal talent he is, as the harmonies are spot on.  Power and grace personified.

There is a slice of 80’s hard rock about ‘Monster Truck’, a real soulful monster of a song.  For me one of the tracks of the album has to be the next one ‘Pyramids of Mars’, although the song only comes in at just under five minutes, it has that epic feel about it.

What hard rock album wouldn’t be complete without a ballad and the album has a corker in ‘Emotions in Motions’, again featuring Small unleashing the soulful edge we’ve come to expect from all his work.  It's back to the meaty hard rock vibe with the rip snorting ‘Highwire’ and the excellent ‘Contact’, before we go all dark with ‘Goth the Girl’.

The album closes with a real epic, the sublime eight minute wonder that is ‘The Time Machine’.  This one has it all, soaring keys and guitars laid over a haunting backing vocals, before the full on might of the track is unleashed.  An apt closer.  Time travel may be a thing of fantasy, but if you want to relive this great album just hit play again and again.  The album may be called 'Under the Radar', but believe me, Signal Red will be far from under it when words gets around about this release.  This is one hell of an album!

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Defiant
2.  Houdini
3.  Stronger
4.  Tell It To The Bees
5.  Monster Truck
6.  Pyramids Of Mars
7.  Emotions In Motion
8.  Highwire
9.  Making Contact
10. Goth The Girl 
11. The Time Machine


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