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Band: Steelheart

Title: Rock'n Milan

Label: Frontiers Music Srl

Recorded during Frontiers Rock Festival IV in Milan, Italy on 29 April 2017, Steelheart’s performance was well worth recording, as Miljenko Matijevic and the rest of the band gave a hell of high octane rock n’ roll show. 

Opening up with two songs that featured on the movie Rock Star, ‘Blood Pollution’ and ‘Livin’ The Life’, really got the set off to a great start.

Carrying with some classic Steelheart as well as 'Dirty Girl' from the newest album ‘Through World of Stardust’, as well as ‘We All Die Young’, which Matijevic penned, this DVD not only shows what a great frontman Matijevic’s is, but also the quality of the songs in their repertoire.  It’s hard to believe they weren’t one of the biggest rock bands of their era. 

If you're already a fan of the band then you will love this release and if you're someone not familiar with them yet, then I'd highly recommend this release as a great place to start.  The CD element of this live CD / DVD contains fabulous sound quality, but the DVD portion, well you almost feel like you were there living the high life in Milan with the band.  The production and sound are very impressive.


I think the title of this release 'Rock'n Milan' is an understatement, what this band did with this performance was not only rock the roof of the joint but also kicked some serious ass and showed everyone just how good they are as a live band.


There is a sad note to end this review, as this was the last performance of guitarist Kenny Kanowski, who passed away just a couple of months after this performance, but this is a fitting tribute to a phenomenal guitarist who help Matijevic get the band back on the road.


Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Blood Pollution
2.  Livin' The Life
3.  Gimme Gimme
4.  Like Never Before
5.  My Dirty Girl
6.  She's Gone
7.  Cabernet
8.  Drum Solo
9.  Everybody Loves Eileen
10.  Rock N' Roll (I Just Wanna) 
11. I'll Never Let You Go
12. We All Die Young


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