Album Reviews
Band: Strana Officina

Title: Law of the Jungle

Label: Jolly Roger Records

Almost 10 years have passed since Strana Officina’s last studio outing ('Rising to the Call').  Can they rise once more or do they fall with their latest release? Lets find out… 

A predominant problem across the board with ‘Law of the Jungle’ is that the overall sound is not great to say the least. I am by no means a studio engineer but I think Beethoven could have mixed this better and he was deaf for how long? I get that vocals should take a predominant role but in this case, they almost drown out the rhythm section to inaudible levels. 

Unfortunately the quality of the song craft is not much better either. The 9 compositions are largely built upon mid tempo, bland recycled classic rock riffs as epitomized on the title track, ‘The Devil and Mr. Johnson’ and ‘Snowbound’. The only track that actually pushes the tempo boundaries is ‘Di Fendie La Fede’ which is also another largely uninteresting affair.  


As for the rest of the record, it is made up of part ballads with to be fair do showcase one or two glimmers of hope. ‘Crazy About you’ has a pretty melody line and some decent riffs that reminisces of early Scorpions era material.  ‘Endless Highway’ is the other shiner here with some cool licks here and there that sound akin to the ‘Eagle Has Landed’ by Saxon. Other than that ‘Law of the Jungle’ is sadly one for the forgettable pile in 2019.

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  Law of the Jungle
2.  Crazy About You
3.  Endless Highway
4.  The Wolf Within
5.  Snowbound
6.  The Devil & Mr Johnson
7.  Love Kills
8.  Di Fendie La Fede
9.  Guerra Triste


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